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Glencoe // Saturday 16th March 2019
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Top of the Coire Pollach Tow at the Old Mugs Alley crossover.

Good depth on the Plateau Poma and run, can go just about anywhere on the Plateau after today's constant snow.

That is a genuine photo looking down the Main Basin!

Mugs Alley is wide, but Old Mugs Alley is easier for novices esp in reduced visibility as theres still a lot of undulations in Mugs Alley.

Sledge Park will be good tomorrow and should be some views on the way up the chair and on the walk over.

A few minutes wait for the Plateau Poma but in the afternoon the lifts were mostly ride on, the Cafes were busy though!

Top of the Cliffhanger Chair as people set off into the whiteness on Mugs Alley.

Rankins Return saw light use due to the visibility, huge expanse of snow to play on the Plateau and people out on XC kit (which can be hired on site).

Glen Plake visits the 'Coe!

Plateau Cafe had the most consistent queue and was rammed all day!

Small terrain park in place for tomorrow's rail jam on Old Mugs Alley down the Cafe spur.

The snow is this good, but can you improve the visibility. (Tomorrow Sir, hopefully).

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Snow started falling before lift opening time on Saturday morning and it has not let up all day at time of writing (8pm). Somewhere between 8 and 10 inches of snow has fallen more or less straight down, it is easing but showers are set to continue through the night.

Sunday should have spells of much better visibility with a mix of Sunny spells and blustery convective snow showers. The under ski conditions were fantastic, tomorrow if we can see all this new snow it will be a pretty sweet day for all ability levels. The Plateau has wide cover, good depth now on the fenced runs and between the fences they'll be groomed in the morning on all the green terrain.

But there is now pretty much go where you like cover across large swathes of the Plateau so Rankins Return and beyond will be good fun for mellow fresh tracks in the morning.

Visibility was very limited up top, in the Main Basin if you headed a short distance away from the tow line you could see nothing but white until another rider appeared! Spring Run was excellent for those who were heading over there. Visibility kept Rannoch and Etive Glades closed but they should be OK in the morning. Flypaper is a considerable avalanche risk and is closed.

Good snow cover extends a good deal below the top of the Access Chair. It was possible by the afternoon to ski all the way to the base, but the bottom third was typical low level combat riding. When visibility improves, from mid-mountain out on and beyond Rankins Return and down the Weasel Gully should be worth the combat return on the bottom section of the low level Access Runs.
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