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Glencoe // Friday 19th April 2019
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Still over 150m sledging slope at the Plateau Cafe.

Main Basin T-bar doing it's thing as the temperature hit 19°c at the base!

Riding the banked Island Rock Gully on the Main Basin.

Sledging below a snowfactory pile at the Plateau Cafe.

Looking down the Main Basin to the top of Ski Tow Gully.

Skiers in Island Rock Gully - a feature that unlike the Haggis Trap many will be unaware off!

Looking up the Main Basin.

Snowboarding in the Main Basin.

Various natural kickers and hits situated around the Main Basin.

As the Main Basin narrows (below Haggis Trap) the spring snow bumps are building.

Good fast and smoother granular spring snow on the Wall which is the best route back onto the Plateau for the cafe.

Rannoch Moor from high on the Spring Run. Very hazy towards the East all day.

Main Basin from Island Rock - good natural kicker here.

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Only 3 days left for lift served snowsports in the 2019 Scottish Season. It was a warm and sunny, albeit somewhat hazy day on the slopes of Meall a' Bhuiridh on Good Friday.

Temperature reached 19°c at the base at 1200ft, but parts of the Central Highlands have passed 22°c today. Some rather bemused tourists on the Access Chair as people passed with skis and snowboards.

The Main Basin is where most of the action is happening, but the Spring Run and the Wall are still officially open too and both are worth a few runs. The Wall is the best route down to the Cafe level now, though there is a couple of metres of grass skiing now required at one point to reach the foot of the snowfield.

Pretty fast granular spring snow and bumps beginning to build in the Main Basin through the narrower sections. Spring Run has very mellow bumps and is quite a bit smoother if your legs are feeling the bumps. Still a few foik doing things in and around the Flypaper Bowl and the Canyon, but these require a bit more leg work than even the Spring Run.

For confident intermediates and up the Main Basin could be lapped non-stop on Good Friday with no waiting for the T-bar.

It is around a 7 minute walk to the Plateau Cafe from the top of the Access Chair and the sledge park is open, just over from the Cafe which is open daily weather permitting.

Easter Monday is scheduled to be closing day, looks as if it should be a warm bluebird day. Do check for updates through the weekend as though not particularly windy the sustained moderate SE wind is increasing the thaw rate from the warm temperatures. Bright start to Saturday morning, overcast PM and first thing Sunday, with bright spells developing Sunday afternoon. Probably dry lift opening hours, but some drizzle for a time overnight.
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