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Glencoe // Sunday 3rd February 2019
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There are 4 rails / boxes and a pipe jib in place.

RedBull sound system for the Rail Jam.

Looking up Old Mugs Alley which has a base thanks to the snow factory.

Heading past the Glencoe Ski Club Hut on the Cafe fork of Old Mugs Alley.

Rail slide and pipe jib outside the Plateau Cafe looking to the GSC hut.

Rail Jam in progress.

Sledge Park was actually faster today with people getting to near the end of the fences.

Airborne above the pipe jib.

Watching the Rail Jam from the Plateau Cafe deck.

Lot more snow needed further up the mountain, but it was beginning to drift and fill in today.

Plateau Poma is complete but has narrow - thin areas, has lost some snow away from the fence which is now on the Low Road.

Late afternoon snow starting to shift around in a freshening wind on Rankin's Return which had gained quite a bit today.

Looking down the improving Rankin's Return.

Exploring Weasel Gully on the low level Blue Access part way down the Access Chair. Really nasty gear compared to Saturday as it had got a bit slabby with drifting then softened and crusted over.

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Snow came in post dawn just before opening and put down a covering of fresh snow before easing to showers later in the morning. Early afternoon saw brighter overhead and the occasional sunny spell for the Rail Jam with RedBull Revolutions in Sound wagon providing tunes outside the Plateau Cafe.

Sadly the heavier stream of showers missed just to the South dumping on the A82 just North of Tyndrum where there was delays this morning after HGVs jackknifed and some other vehicles struggled to make the climb out of Tyndrum.

Uplift remains limited to the Plateau area as more snow is needed further up the mountain, but the wind was picking up and snow starting to move around and drift into hollows and gullies in the afternoon. Rankin's Return was notably gaining and should be great as soon as the Cliffy can open to get easier access to it.

Snow is due to arrive imminently at Glencoe this evening and anything from 4-10 inches is possible overnight - it will for a period be heavy and wet snow with low lapse rates, driven in by a strengthening cyclonically variable wind as the triple point of the low passes close by.

There is a risk of a brief thaw period to the Summit, but that would not be a disaster if it is short and the heavy wet wind driven snow is exactly the base building weather that is badly needed!

A period strong Northerly winds with gusts over 50mph expected post dawn into opening time, but the wind should then back WNW and start to moderate with 20 gusting 35 to 40mph expected mid morning. There could be a delay in uplift opening, but there should be some fresh snow, overhead will improve as frontal snow eases to showers and possibly brightens up a bit later in the day.

An unsettled week ahead with varying freezing levels, periods of strong winds, though it looks as if the strongest winds may stay to the South of the Highlands with the centres of the low tracking over or slightly South of the North of Scotland.
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