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Glencoe // Sunday 31st March 2019
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Spring Run & Flypaper Bowl from the Access Chair.

Options for those willing to hike, steeper East aspects caught the morning sun and loosened a bit.

Overview of the Main Basin and Sky Tow Gully from below.

Snowfactory running, topping up the cafe spur of Old Mugs Alley which is providing a sledging area.

Canyon looked quite inviting, sounded a lot less so when people were in it! Stayed hard!

Sledging fun just up from the Plateau Cafe.

Island Rock Gully in the Main Basin

Old Mugs Alley is complete to the base of the Coire Pollach Tow and Plateau Cafe, short hoof over to Cliffhanger needed, but best run in the afternoon.

Top of the Main Basin T-bar, great views, but the lack of white in the panorama was more like May!!

Mugs Alley in reasonable shape with a groomed line onto Old Mugs Alley, but only 1 machine wide until opens up onto Old Mugs Alley. Treat as a blue.

Skier turns into the still filled flat Haggis Trap!

Mugs Alley corner, follow the groomed track that snakes around between the Poma and Coire Pollach Tow onto Old Mugs Alley.

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A bluebird dawn on Sunday gave a beautiful day to be on the mountain with literally not a breath of wind most of the day. Did mean the snow started out firm across the board, Main Basin was groomed in the morning giving lovely corduroy turns for the early birds.

Generally in the dry air the snow stayed firm, but Mugs Alley and Old Mugs Alley which was groomed loosened up into lovely spring snow, and though Mugs Alley is narrow until it opens up onto Old Mugs Alley it was giving decent turns and quite a few people took to lapping it in the afternoon. Head on the lower fork for the longest run, it doesn't really make the short hoof to the Cliffy any longer but you get more turns in!

Up top the Main Basin started to form small moguls during the day as the loose groomed snow got a bit scrapped exposing the now hardpacked base, fairly grippy and taking an edge and good edges were making a real difference.

Spring Run saw some action late morning / early afternoon but didn't really loosen up, Spring Paper which is a bit steeper and bit more Easterly aspect did loosen up a bit. The Wall, Canyon and Thromobsis were seeing action, Canyon stayed hard and a bit rutted, wall was a bit more grippy, but though it has better cover Old Mugs Alley was riding much better on Sunday for return to the Cafe.

Plateau Poma uptrack is patchy, so it is a 5-7 minute walk over to the Cliffhanger Chair from the top of the Access Chair. Sledging is available just above the Plateau Cafe near the Glencoe Ski Club Hut, there is patches beside the cafe for snow play. Best option at end of day is Old Mugs Alley to the base of the Coire Pollach Tow where its only 3-5mins back to the Access Chair down the Access Return Path and you get some nice turns on Old Mugs Alley vs combat riding down what is left of the Poma uptrack!
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