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Nevis Range // Thursday 21st March 2019
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Going up the Goose T-bar, Goose Gully still wide, but below the T-bar cover is limited.

Looking up the Rabbit Run to the Goose. Rabbit Run complete to the track past the Top Gondola Station.

Coming down the lower Nid after a high traverse out of Coire Dubh.

Looking down onto Rob Roy, might just be salvageable for some easier terrain if little more snow lost before the colder temperatures arrive on Friday.

With careful route selection it was possible to get out to Rob Roys return with skis on the whole way, boarders would probably have to unclip at a couple of spots.

Deciding it was time to use a rope to peer over and see what was going on out of sight!

Summit has decent cover between the fences.

If the cracks along the ridge of soft slumping cornices weren't dubious and intimidating enough, the size of some of the things scattered around the coire certainly were!

Going up the Summit Tow, good cover between the new rail fences which have noticeably reduced the damage from the mild winds.

Alpha Tow running for access, but there are a couple of breaks in the travesre over to the Goose drive. Rabbit skiable, but walk back to lifts required.

Looking down on the Braveheart Chairlift, note the chunks of cornice that reached past the drive.

Looking up from the Braveheart Drive.

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The largely dry day, just the odd wee spot of drizzle, and much lighter than expected winds meant the rate of thaw abated somewhat, after a rather rapid thaw overnight. By and large the mountain was clear of cloud, though low cloud patches floated around below.

A vigorous cold front will come through around lunchtime or early afternoon on Friday, the freezing level will drop from above the summits to a bit below Munro Level. Rain will transition to mountain snow quite abruptly, how quickly it does so and what is the balance of rain / snow will determine how Saturday shapes up. The wind looks likely to severely limit or prevent uplift on Friday, but at time of posting on Thursday evening Saturday looks more promising, Sunday looks stormy with more snow, but early next week much calmer again.

It is possible to use the Alpha for access and this is the quickest way up the mountain, but there are a couple of breaks in the traverse over to the Goose T-bar. The Goose itself has decent width of cover, though the snow is soft there is enough gradient here and on the summit runs its a bit more packed. However off the beaten path heading along towards Warren's T-bar the going was very slow, though Warrens itself was better.

The Back Coire is at Limited Patrol status and there are large slumping cornices with intimidating cracks lining the coire rim, with wet snow instabilities persisting below - speak to patrol if going in, there was limited spots to get in without going over anything rather precarious on Thursday and there was some huge cornice chunks littering the slope below!

Once in the snow gave surprisingly decent turns and it was possible on skis to get out to part way along Rob Roys Return without unclipping, by holding a fairly high traverse.

On the front of the mountain possible to return to the Top Station by the Rabbit Run, but there are now no complete runs back to the lower lifts so the riding on offer is really suited to more experienced skiers who are comfortable with the Goose.
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