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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 5th December 2010
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Absolutely loaded East Lady from the Zig Zags. Superb skier packed powder nearer the White Lady, tracked freshies further out.S

About to head down Sheiling Gully from the White Lady, allows full run then out to FRP or Funicular.

Skiers head to Burnside on the lower slopes. Fantastic top to bottom riding.

Looking up CairnGorm Mountain from the Carpark Run.

Riding the M1 Poma as the light fades.

Wow... Looking over the Aonach Bowl to the East Wall, Coire Laogh Mor and Coire Laogh Beag beyond.

Heading home with fantastic final turns at nightfall on the Daylodge Poma Run. Sweet packed powder between the fences.

Skier packed powder in the Daylodge Glades at the end of Sunday, looking out to Lurcher's.

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All facilities on CairnGorm Mountain will be closed on Monday 6th Dec, re-opening on Tuesday 7th December at 9am. Snowing hard in Inverness on Sunday evening and a band of overnight snow showers expected to pass over CairnGorm both tonight and Monday night. Thus an epic fresh tracks Tuesday could be on the cards.

A fantastic though busy Sunday, but the complete turn around in visibility from Saturday made up for that as it allowed more exploration and longer runs to be had from the lifts.

There is great top to bottom riding on the Cas side of the Mountain for early intermediates upwards with the full 1700ft vertical being possible entirely on green terrain. There is an selection of excellent blues and reds, and a huge expanse of off-piste on the East Lady, getting progressively steeper as you move out towards the SSC Hut.

Both the Carpark Runs and Daylodge Run are in fantastic shape for riding back to the Carpark. Folk who did the Laogh Mor Return said there is fantastic snow over that way - but do consider the potential avalanche risk going beyond the officially open terrain as more snow and drifting is expected over the next few days.

Simply epic conditions for so early in December, fingers crossed that this gives a lasting base and winter is here to stay.

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