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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 7th January 2011
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Last run on the M1 Poma at Dusk.

Loose snow blowing into the Lady as night fell, should be great in the morning.

Top Station at Dusk on Friday.

The Kassbohrer PB600w Winchcat that has been bashing the Lady all week.

Going up the M1 Poma as the light starts to fade, where are the fences?

One wonders if that's where the loose snow was blowing to. WWP out of action till further notice.

Sign near the top of the Laogh Mor Return. Complete to the carpark, but very icy in places.

Excellent cover in the Ptarmigan Bowl with windblown fresh collecting here and in the Ciste Bowl.

White Lady and M1 Poma, M1 queue was very long at times with no uplift in the Ciste.

Looking out from the top of the M1 Poma, Loch Morlich beyond.

The M2 from outside the Ptarmigan Restaurant, was catching fresh.

White Lady, M1 SideTrack and M1 RaceTrack from the Fiacaill Ridge Poma.

Piste Basher on the Laogh Mor Return, became hard and icy in places later as wind blow loose snow off.

A trail of corduroy to the Ciste Carpark, fresh snow drifted in here PM, but higher up got wind scoured.

A boarder contemplates the home run down the Lower Slopes as the dusk light fades.

CairnGorm Mountain under clear skies as dusk starts to fade to night.

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A fine winters day with lots of sunshine from blue skies on Friday, but a strengthening wind meant the uniform covering of fresh from Thursday gradually gave way to more varied surface conditions.

Some areas were gaining a top up of windblown powder, but some areas are back to the hardpacked base with icy patches. At the top the main bed of the Ptarmigan Bowl and Ciste Bowl were catching fresh. The upper section of the Laogh Mor Return traversing the East Wall was blown clear of loose snow during the day, with the impenetrable ice layer from the freezing rain earlier in the holiday period once again making it's presence felt! Once over the ridge there are pockets of nice powder snow, but they need to be hunted out.

Unfortunately lift served action on the Ciste side is limited to the Laogh Mor Return and the M2/Daylodge runs. M2 was pretty good and the Daylodge was starting to catch some windblown, but the base is hard packed.

On the Cas side the White Lady was catching fresh and giving great sport for advanced riders with a full width machine groomed base.

Top to Daylodge riding via all routes and skiable to the Ciste Carpark via the Laogh Mor Return for experts. Excellent beginner areas in the Ptarmigan Bowl. Shuttle Bus due to be running.
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