pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 7th November 2016
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Looking down the lower slopes from the top of Kassbohrer Brae on the Home Road.

SSC Hut looms out of the mist as a light flurry comes down.

Looking over the Funicular to Burnside, quite a few tracks down it from tourers.

Funicular passes by, but not much view from the top today - but plenty of snow to play in on the viewing terrace.

Mix of autumn and winter at the Daylodge.

Autumn in Glenmore, but winter a wee bit higher up today.

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A few photos from around the lower part of Coire Cas on Monday afternoon, did not get above as working on webcams. However there are some extra photos from further up from WindyMiller in the forum.

SSC Hut webcams are back online after the weekend 3G reception issues, but the signal remains rather marginal as there is an ongoing issue with a shared mast. So we can't guarantee there wont be dropouts, particularly in poor weather conditions as heavy precipitation will further degrade the signal.

However fingers crossed they will be OK for Tuesday and Wednesday as there is more significant falls forecast as a frontal system attempts to push in from the West. Western coastal ranges will see the heaviest falls, but the NMM and GFS indicate 6inches + further snow for CairnGorm.

CairnGorm's update earlier today indicate there will not be lift served snowsports this coming weekend, but the Lecht might be in with a shout depending what the freezing level does on Thursday.

For those with touring kit, there would be no problem skinning up from Daylodge level via the Carpark Runs and a couple of skiers were seen heading down Burnside at dusk. Snow was wet and heavy down here, so is now consolidating in the slightly colder temperatures.
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