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Glencoe // Sunday 26th March 2017
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Plateau Poma run skiable and OK for middle 2/3rds of it's length, but agricultural at either end. If lapping, exit through a fence gap b4 the top.

Looking down Happy Valley in the afternoon, morning corduroy given way to small bumps here and on the Main Basin.

Quite a few have ventured down the side of the Canyon, but getting onto the sidewall is tricky and exposed.

Looking out over Rannoch Moor from Rankin's Return - can't quite ski into to the Poma anymore but could still just make the top of the Access Chair.

View back to the Spring Run and Flypaper Bowl from Rankin's return. Once it loosens up lots of fun wee routes to try out in this area.

Plateau Poma doing it's thing, mainly for access and return from Spring Run, Spring Paper and beyond via Rankin's Return.

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Another day of unbroken Sunshine at Glencoe on Sunday and the forecast is for more of the same on Monday before humidity and cloud starts to increase from Tuesday. Thus a sustained thaw is expected through the coming week, so if you can get up Monday (best) or Tuesday (should still be dry with bright spells) then do it.

The main action is on the upper mountain with the Spring Run, Main Basin and Happy Valley open. Various lines in and around the perimeter of the Flypaper Bowl are skiable by experts but you don't want to get onto these when the snow is still firm or too soft so chat with patrol for the latest info.

For good skiers and boarders skiing the Spring Run or further out on the Spring Paper or into the Flypaper area, you are as well making a longer run of it and heading out East onto the Plateau and picking up Rankin's Return which is skiable to the Top of the Access. You'll need to unclip briefly to reach the Plateau Poma, but you get a much longer run and don't have to cut the Spring Run short to try and traverse back to the top of the Cliffhanger.

Mid mountain Mugs Alley is patchy, the best route to get up the Cliffhanger Chair from the Plateau Poma is Old Mugs Alley to the Plateau Cafe. The Wall is the best of the mid-mountain runs and for good skiers and boarders the best option to reach the Plateau Cafe or take Rankin's Return to the Poma and come down Old Mugs Alley. Mid and lower mountain is really for access to and from further up, though the Plateau Poma run is skiable it's agricultural at the top and bottom.

Access Chair, Plateau Poma, Cliffhanger Chairlift and Main Basin T-bar operated on Sunday and are scheduled for Monday. Don't forget the suncream!
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