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Glencoe // Saturday 14th January 2017
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The new Rankin's Return has caught a lot of snow, which is very encouraging for the future Plateau triple chair.

End of the day heading back along the Access Return from the Plateau Cafe.

Quite a few hiked to the middle for a shot of the Wall, pretty decent wind packed fresh here, but a lot of icy areas getting to it.

Looking up the new Rankin's Return, gives a good idea of why once the new triple chair is in place this run could change the entire way you ski the mountain.

Plateau Poma doing it's thing in the morning Sun.

Can ski of the Access Chair and onto the Poma, so that's a start at least!

People were skiing the fenced Red Access Run, it got easier with more use, 1/3rd decent, 1/3rd combat and 1/3rd just a bit silly!

Plateau Poma run with great machine packed powdery snow, but narrow at the top.

Early birds get the packed powder corduroy worm on Old Mugs Alley.

Sledging area was popular and has good cover just below the Plateau Cafe.

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Something that often bemuses those not familiar with Scottish Snowsports and the effect of a maritime climate on conditions is the ability to have fantastic surface conditions with little overall snow cover and today was a case in point.

Perfect machine packed powder corduroy greeted the early skiers and boarders on Saturday morning on the Plateau Poma Run and on the combination of Old Mugs Alley and the Access Return which provided a longer looping run from the Poma.

The Plateau Poma run has decent cover away from the top section which is narrow due to the scouring effect of recent high winds combined with very light powdery snow. The hollow that forms the Access Return has caught a good depth of snow.

There is a good prepared sledging area adjacent to the Plateau Cafe that is approximately 7 minutes walk from the top of the Access Chair.

Various parts of the mountain further up saw some action from those willing to hike, the Wall being the area that saw the most turns beyond the open lifts. It caught a fair amount in recent days and had fairly nice wind packed fresh. The Main Basin also saw some turns, but walking about requires care as there is a lot of icy areas around the upper mountain.

It looks as if it is currently snowing from the Top of the Access Chair up as of 9pm, but raining in the carpark. It is due to turn milder in the morning, so conditions are likely to change and whether that initially is for better or worse will have to be checked out at first light.

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