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The Lecht // Saturday 12th November 2016
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Looking over to the Buzzard which has the best cover between the fences.

Bottom of the furthest out Eagle run is thin on the steep bit, don't pile over the brow at speed!

Going up the Eagle Pomas, full cover between the two uptracks.

Looking up the outside Eagle Run.

Top of the Buzzard Red, the Buzzard side is decent between the fences.

Top of the Buzzard looking over to the Eagle in the distance.

Snowy Owl Chair, Grouse Poma runs are in better condition than to skiers left of the Chair.

Escaped from Glencoe. Please return to sender.

We have lift off - first lift served run of the season in Scotland at the Lecht on 12th November.

SKier and boarders on the Eagle. Doesn't look great in bits, but riding ok and snow dried out as the day went on.

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Thanks to a rain shadow effect from the core of the Cairngorms, the Lecht only saw around 3mm of rain overnight, compared to well over an inch in the West.

The difference that made to limiting the thaw was substantial and the Lecht were able to kick of the 2016/17 Scottish Season with the first lift served turns on Saturday with the Snowy Owl Chair, Eagle Poma, Buzzard Poma and the Magic Carpet open.

Mostly full width between the fences by the open lifts, but some narrower bits and getting a bit worn / chopped up on the steeper pitch of the Grouse and base of the Eagle in the mild temperatures on Saturday. However where pisted and skied on the snow wasn't as sticky as feared, and actually dried out and speed up a bit as the day went on. Untouched fresh snow outwith the fences was very slow however.

Options for beginners are quite limited, the nursery slopes were thin and with lack of gradient to drain melt water away pretty wet. Definitely better on the main slopes.

The Buzzard has the best cover on it's runs, but someone either falling or trying to get off just short of the top tower knocked the Buzzard out of action over lunchtime. Please be nice to the tows or we are all walking!

Same uplift is scheduled for Sunday, cooler temperatures under clearing skies should maintain the snow tonight and maybe dry it out further and crisp it up a little. Brightest overhead likely to be in the morning, the temperature will creep up again during the day, with rain expected after dusk. Very mild Mon / Tue before cooler conditions return after mid-week.

So Sunday if you want a first half of November slide, though do check official report in the morning.
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