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CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 23rd August 2017
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This tower and found are in sound condition and could be retained to allow meteorological data to be collected.

3 Chairs rest on the heather under the ghostly line of the West Wall Chairlift.

A sheave assembly crumbled by the force of impact sticks up into the air from the felled West Wall Chairlift.

This might be the last photo you ever see of the Coire na Ciste Chairlift.

The Coire na Ciste Chairlift drive station.

Ciste Chairlift's stretcher and fencing carrier lies in a heap by the first felled tower on the lower Coire na Ciste Chair.

Notably the WWC's one portal tower has been unbolted and carefully lowered.

No 2 Gully now left isolated ending below the uplift beyond a WWC pylon.

The tools of vandalism, discarded when they can cut no more.

Looking over the Aonach Bowl, downed fencing, some already bundled up for removal.

The least snow sure portion of the West Wall Poma devoid of useful fencing.

Lifting arm mangled and twisted sheave assembly buried in the soil by force of impact.

High on the West Wall of CairnGorm Mountain.

The West Wall Chairlift lies smashed up this evening on the slopes of CairnGorm, along with the ideals and work of a generation of pioneers.

Plant crushing up the top station of the West Wall Chairlift.

Part of the WWC get of ramp gantry lies on Ciste Fairway having fallen off the dumper truck in picture.

No uplift, no facilities, the Ciste Base Station soon to be demolished. Is the Ciste Carpark next?

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Winterhighland has posted reports and info online to help skiers and snowboarders make informed choices since the late autumn of 1994. We've posted digital photo albums documenting CairnGorm Mountain for 17 winters, since the final winter of operation of the original 2 person detachable White Lady Chairlift in 2001.

While we and others feared for many years this was the deliberately intended end game, this is the album I never wanted to have to shoot and post. Documenting the final day or two of the Coire na Ciste Chairlift and the wanton economic vandalism funded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise, as this evening the West Wall Chairlift along with the ideals and dreams of the original pioneers lie smashed up on the slopes of CairnGorm Mountain's Coire na Ciste.

Since the start of this decade Glenshee has built a new double chair, the Baddoch, which though short was transformational in terms of access to and use of the Cairnwell side of the A93. That was followed by replacement of the single seat Cairnwell Chairlift with a triple chair which opened during the 2016 season. At present Glenshee have a planning application in progress for a new Quad Chairlift in place of the Cairnwell T-bar. Huge and transformational increases in uplift capacity, while on CairnGorm Mountain over 60% of mid-mountain uplift capacity has been destroyed.

In the West in the past week Glencoe received final planning clearance to commence construction works that will see a triple chairlift across the plateau for winter 2018/19.

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