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Glencoe // Sunday 5th February 2017
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Old Mugs Alley had a partial base and the Coire Pollach Tow's not far away.

Looking up the Plateau Poma as the cloud begins to clear late afternoon, need more snow and/or drifting at this level.

Fencing along the Access Return route shows lack of drifting on the lower part Plateau area.

Looking more seasonal at least from the Access Chairlift.

Plateau Run is slowly getting there, but the bottom is mushy on wet ground - needs to freeze or drift before can be pisted.

Tourer returning from a trip down the Wall - looking up from the Cafe past bottom of the Cliffhanger.

Quite a few up sledging with various options around the Plateau Cafe.

Sledges are free once you've reached the Plateau Cafe, but need a chairlift ticket or a lengthy steep walk!

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Snow fell for much of Sunday in little wind which has given Meall a' Bhuiridh an inviting white coat to well below the top of the Access Chair, but complete lack of drifting isn't really what is required just now.

Further up the mountain things are more encouraging and tourers managed to get some lines on the Main Basin which is filling in but narrow and the Spring Run (bad idea apparently). However the best option is Happy Valley and parts of Etive Glades which as caught snow that did blow around in the SE winds earlier in the weekend.

Lack of drifting and period of rain the previous night at the bottom of the Plateau has left a thin and mushy cover at the bottom of the Plateau area. While the run could be combat skied to the bottom, it's not yet got the cover to allow it to be pisted or the uptrack used. More promising is the Coire Pollach Tow and Old Mugs Alley.

Hopefully things will crunch up a bit on the Plateau tonight and drifting before and during Monday night's storm could well set things up for mid-week, but the best base building conditions are always a bit marginal temperature wise and that is the case for tomorrow night. So it really is a case of nearly enough, but not yet there and we have to wait and find out what the next storm cycle brings.

If it brings the goods then a few settled days with decent overhead and lightish winds are on the cards for mid-week. With luck we could be about to kick start the season - watch this space!
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