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Nevis Range // Friday 10th February 2017
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Heading out Sidewinder from the Top of the Goose Tow.

Summit Runs have great cover and are grooming up superbly - best runs today.

Thanks to 2 T40s you can put your skis on at the door of the Gondola and ski to the Linnhe Tow to access the mountain.

Heading for home via the traverse onto the Rabbit Run at the end of a decent Friday.

Keep on the inside of the fence on the lower part of the Goose, though you need to cut back to the right approaching the Tow.

Looking down Goose Gully, pockets of fresh snow, but a few scrapped hard bits near the bottom.

Upper Goose is in good shape and fun riding for better skiers and boarders with a shallow natural pipe in the burn.

Risked the new skis and they survived!

Looking down the Goose T-bar, Cat Track, Sidewinder and the Goose decent.

Looking along the Alpha Traverse, though cover is thin in places lower down, all the open terrain links together fine.

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Nevis Range plan to run the same lifts as Friday for Saturday, which was the Linnhe, Alpha, Goose Tow, Summit Button and the Quad Chair.

This will give the full on mountain vertical of 1900ft and a range of green, blue and red terrain, with huge uplift capacity for the weekend with the Quad Chair open. Cover is generally basless early season type conditions lower down so beware of thin areas and hazards. Pick of the day was the Summit, the runs have a good width of machine groomed snow giving easy going surfaces.

The upper Goose has windblown fresh, and Goose Gully as a whole is good fun for more confident riders, though the burn gully is narrow and like a shallow pipe, a few scrapped hard bits low down, where it is best to cut left and go to the inside (t-bar side) of the fence line.

That holds true of some of the other runs also, with the snow having come from the Eastern quadrant, the best snow is on the outside of the fences on runs such as the Fairway, and also the best snow is below the lower fence on the traverse from the Goose to the Rabbit Run.

Thanks to snow making you can put your skis on at the door of the Gondola and ski to the Linnhe Tow to access the rest of the mountain. Linnhe Run is open for novices but cover is thin, though improving with the snow making. There's some nice snow skiers left of the Alpha uptrack fence, though this is narrow it is pisting up quite nicely.

Though there are green runs open, the best riding is further up and on the Fairway, so confident intermediates up will get around much more off the hill and be able to reach the best conditions.
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