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Nevis Range // Friday 3rd March 2017
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Now decent options back to the Gondola - looking down the Rabbit Run.

Pisting the Rabbit Run from Warrens / Alpha Traverse on Friday morning.

Looking down the Quad Chair - Allt Sneachda skiable to bridge.

Sidewinder has a decent depth on the groomed track, but only one basher wide in places.

Goose Gully was in decent shape Wednesday, after 8 inches of fresh and drifting the Upper Goose area is now fantastic.

View down the Goose, lower area back to T-bar much improved.

Obligatory CMD and Ben Nevis photo. Saw the Ben from the other side in the afternoon - see Glencoe pix.

All Summit Runs have a good cover with well groomed fresh giving machine packed powder surface conditions today.

Summit Tow was quite busy with a wee queue.

Alpha Traverse to the Goose in good shape. Can hit Yockies and Rabbit Run from the Alpha Tow giving longer blue options.

Linnhe Trainer Tow run now in decent shape thanks to snow making, with good cover both sides.

Iced up fence from the snow making on the Linnhe.

Ride with a view - Dread's on tour!

Taking in the views from the Summit Run.

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Over recent days Nevis Range has benefited the most from the snow showers going with around 8 inches of new snow and quite a bit of drifting since Wednesday evening. Thus overall Nevis has the best range of terrain and uplift on offer, with the full 1900ft of on mountain vertical on offer and lift served. Good options for all ability levels with green, blue, red and black trails available on the front of the mountain and off-piste options on the back.

The new snow has further improved the cover and riding on the upper half of the mountain which is now generally excellent, but it also means the lower Goose area is much improved compared to mid-week with decent runs to the base of the Goose Tow. Options are a bit more limited on the lower mountain, but the Home Run and Rabbit Run are groomed and fully complete though thin in places. The Allt Sneachda is skiable to the Quad Road bridge.

The best snow was in the Upper Goose on Friday with nice groomers on the Summit. All the traverses are passable for getting back and fore and it is possible to access the mountain directly via the Linnhe and Alpha Tows.

Ongoing snow making has much improve the cover on the Linnhe Tow area, with options both side of the tow for snow plough turners and the Piste Bashers were pushing out machine made snow to build a base on the Beginner Rope Tow for the weekend for first timers on the nursery slopes.
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