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Glencoe // Saturday 11th March 2017
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Old Mugs Alley is the least worst option for getting to the Cliffhanger Chair, but all options require some off snow moves!

Brightening up mid-morning, looking back to the Wall which still has reasonable snow mid-mountain.

Rankin's Return heading to the bottom of the Low Road, short walk is required at the bottom but is the best option for heading to the Access Chair.

Looking up Rankin's Return to the Spring Run on the upper mountain.

Rankin's Return is the best of the Plateau Runs for getting back down, though a short walk is required from where it meets the Low Road.

Hill mist beginning to break up, unfortunately no pictures from further up as it was very thick mist early on.

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Overnight rain was fairly relentless at Glencoe on Friday night into the start of lift operations on Saturday morning meaning a considerable thaw of lying snow. Thankfully at least, it did dry up and the hill mist started to break up mid morning.

The main action is on the upper mountain runs from the Main Basin T-bar, the Wall is the best of the middle runs but all are broken and require some off snow navigation or unclipping and hoofing for a bit to get back to the Cliffhanger, so are principle for access to / from the upper slopes.

If the Plateau Poma uptrack hangs in there for access to the rest of the mountain on Sunday, then more experienced skiers and boarders can get almost the full on mountain vertical, by doing the Spring Run then down Rankins Return. A short hoof is required at the bottom of the Low Road to the Poma though, but this gives 1350ft of vertical with decent snow on Saturday.

If the Poma uptrack doesn't last a 5-7 minute walk might be required to the Cliffhanger Chair across the path to the Plateau Cafe on Sunday.

Up top the Main Basin, Happy Valley and Spring Run are open, with the Main Basin having the best cover of what's left. Snow was reasonable up top today, but watch for some worn bits in the Happy Valley narrows.
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