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CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 27th February 2017
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Bluebird sky with a touch of powder under ski - just a shame there's not more snow, but at least some lifts are turning again.

Looking down to the Top Station outside the Ptarmigan Traverse fences. Best snow / cover off the Ptarmigan Tow.

Mid Cas as all season when there'rs been skiing is really only the tow track, hence why T-bar hasn't run this season.

Upper Cas has filled in, Gunbarrel is OK - it's the mid-section that normally lasts the longest that has refused to fill this year.

Top leg of the Zig Zags is good, second leg is OK, but link back into the Gunbarrel for return to the lifts is thin / narrow.

Some good fresh snow on the Fiacaill accessed by the Fiacaill Traverse, but not officially open - beware of sharks.

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The width of cover in the Ptarmigan Bowl is much better than the first week of half term thanks to recent snow falling in light winds giving a more overall cover and the Bowl doesn't need much depth.

Plenty of areas for novices and the Polar Express Trainer Tow is running for those getting to grips with the tows.

Heading down from the Top Station, the Traverse, Coire Cas and Gunbarrel route is narrow and thin in places, but areas of really nice machine packed powder. Though the route via the Zig Zags is normally a green run, the narrow cover particularly on Coire Cas means it's better suited to more confident intermediates at present.

Coire Cas is something of an oddity this season, it has filled at the top and the Gunbarrel is complete but the mid-section of the Cas has failed to fill at all, being scoured clear on several occasions. A rare reversal of the normal situation when the middle third of Coire Cas is often the last thing left.

The M1 RaceTrack is now open, but is narrow, particularly below the timing hut. The White Lady has seen limited action, but it appears once is enough for most!

The lower slopes are closed and the Funicular is mid-stopping, but some people have been getting most of the way down the Carpark Run with a bit of combat riding.

Thanks to Les for the photos from CairnGorm.
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