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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 9th March 2017
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Possible to get down to within 150m of the Daylodge bridge on the lower slopes.

This is the effect of a machine made base in place before the fresh snow - with the kit in place we could be skiing to the Daylodge.

Launching off the Fiacaill onto the top leg of the Zig Zags.

Ciste Bowl has wide cover now with machine packed fresh snow on the groomers.

Looking back along the Fiacaill Traverse - some good snow here and down the Fiacaill Runs back to the Zig Zags.

Heading down the Fiacaill.

White Lady has improved substantially from a week ago now giving great riding for more experienced skiers and boarders.

Upper White Lady just below the Funicular underpass from the M1 SideTrack.

M1 RaceTrack giving good steeper turns either the full length of the RaceTrack or out into the Gunbarrel or Zig Zags if you want to avoid the narrower lower section.

Cas Gunbarrel in reasonable shape and riding like a shallow pipe so quite fun. Some worn bits at the M1 Poma entrance though.

Upper Cas is giving decent riding and given the snow on the Fiacaill shame the T-bar isn't running, but off-ramp was built up today.

Looking up the Ciste T-bar and the Bowl. Great riding for early intermediates on both the Fairway and Bowl side.

Looking down the Traverse into Coire Cas.

Upper Cas has pretty decent snow both sides of the T-bar upline with some fresh drifting in the Boulderfield.

Piste Bashers were working on the M2, pushing snow down the WWP uptrack and on the entrance to the WW Chair Run.

Looking down the Ciste Fairway, can use either side of the West Wall Poma on the top half.

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The stormy conditions that closed even the Funicular on Wednesday afternoon had moderated significantly by lift opening time on Thursday, though it remained fairly blustery with quite significant drifting at the top of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Though not as much snow has fallen here as in the West through this mid-week storm cycle, significant drifting has seen big improvements in the Cas side mid-mountain reds - the White Lady in particular is vastly improved from last week and giving excellent turns with a decent width of cover on machine groomed fresh snow. A bit of softening on the lower third, so this will be more spring like tomorrow. Best option approaching the M1 was to stay i the burn gully of the Lady then cut across.

The M1 RaceTrack has also improved though it's a bit firmer, both the lower RaceTrack and the Horizon Road link to the Gunbarrel are good. The queuing area at the bottom of the Poma is still a bit agricultural so don't come into here with any speed!

The Traverse, Cas and Gunbarrel route is in decent shape, with the top two legs of the Zig Zags available for those who want to avoid the bulk of the Gunbarrel. Lower Zig Zags have inadequate snow.

Up in the Top Basin all runs are open with good cover, though the NW head wind made getting down the Ptarmigan Traverse . There is a wide cover in the Ptarmigan Bowl, but not much depth to it if we get a thaw it will narrow.

Winch cat was working on the West Wall Poma uotrack and other machines were working on the M2. Something to watch!
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