pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 2nd March 2017
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Looking up the 'Gorm at the end of the day - yes Sun comes out again!

M1 Poma back in action later in the afternoon after closing due to the wind earlier.

Looking up to the M1 RaceTrack from the Zig Zags.

Top Zig Zag leg has good cover, second leg adequate cover, but the crossover into the Gunbarrel is a bit of an obstacle course.

The top of the Carpark Run where a snow cannon was running briefly earlier in February.

Carpark Run without snow making. An installed snowmaking system could have meant top to Daylodge riding.

Cas Gunbarrel is quite narrow, but in reasonable condition once into it, actually better option than Zig Zag crossover.

Bit of a slalom at the top of the Gunbarrel, but it's complete to the M1 Poma and Funicular mid-station.

Gusty winds in and around any snow showers. A particularly vicious squall closed the Ptarmigan Tow and derailed the M1.

M1 Poma doing it's thing as a shower comes in.

Looking up the Upper Cas. Given the wind was blowing you back up the hill at the top shame the Cas wasn't going.

Best snow was to the Boulderfield side of the Upper Cas, enough snow here now that it could be marked as the run and the Tow run.

Wide but fairly thin cover in the Ptarmigan Bowl, surface was getting varied with drifts of powdery snow and scoured firmer bits. Strong gusts closed the Ptarmigan Tow early afternoon.

Looking up the Ciste Gully, most of it and Gully 1 now has fairly wide cover. A hole just by the boardwalks that prob wouldn't have been there had it been open and snow more compacted.

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CairnGorm is offering top to mid-station snowsports, with a range of green and red terrain open. The green route via the Traverse, Coire Cas and Zig Zags should probably be considered as a blue due to narrow cover in places and is really suited for more confident intermediates and up.

A few snow showers came in, unfortunately the snow was fairly light while the wind wasn't. Some strong gusts in and around the showers put the M1 Poma off for a spell in the afternoon, while the Ptarmigan Tow closed early afternoon - it was getting fairly difficult to get down the Ptarmigan Traverse with the head wind.

Forecast is for lighter winds on Friday again, so the Ptarmigan Tow, Polar Express and M1 Poma should be OK to run.

M1 RaceTrack is complete, but narrow in places - start to the Poma side of the fenced run, then cross over at the poles. Snow was firm grippy machine groomed snow, good option when the wind got up. The Gunbarrel Link is scoured at the end, so at the moment better to head to the base of the Poma. White Lady was open, but did not see a single person on it all day.

It's possible to combat ski to about 100m from the top Daylodge Bridge, it starts not to bad but is hardcore combat by the bottom. Funicular is mid-stopping for both up and down trips.
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