pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 24th November 2016
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Powdery tracks outside the upper M2 fence.

Looking up the fence to top of the extended West Wall Poma.

Fantastic light late afternoon at the top of the Aonach Bowl. Beware of rolled up old fencing lurking on the M2!

View up from the Daylodge (Wed).

Tor above the Marquis Well.

This fellow is in the middle of the Ciste Carpark!

Home Road was pisted on Wednesday.

Note lack of frost on trees at Ciste Carpark on Wed, compared to Daylodge. Bit of thaw/freeze around 1800ft (Wed).

Looking down the Ciste Gully to Ryvoan from the Loagh Mor steps (Wed)

Breakable crust around 1800ft, not evident above 2100ft on Wednesday.

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A selection of photos from around CairnGorm's carpark levels (Ciste and Cas) on Wednesday, plus some photos from higher up the mountain on Thursday from Helen (H11lly).

CairnGorm Mountain plan to kick of their 2017 winter season on Friday morning, with Top Station to Daylodge riding giving 1450ft of vertical descent from the Funicular.

Daylodge will open at 9am, ticket office from 9.30am and first uplift is scheduled for 10am (still in summer hours). Due to uplift being just the Funicular ticket sales will be limited to 250 - if you are thinking of coming a long distance at the weekend, keep this in mind as it's first come first served.

The Lecht may also re-open at the weekend, piste bashers were out on the Eagle, Grouse and Buzzard runs, plus beginner slopes on Thursday - so check the report on Friday for updates regarding whether opening is possible at the weekend.

On CairnGorm there is a pisted route from the Top Station down the Traverse, 105 or Cas, Zig Zags then the Home Road to the Base Station. There are options for touring further afield, but if skiing any where other than the prepared route it's at your own risk and nothing else is marked, prepared or patrolled.

There is something of a base on the upper part of the prepared route, and snow making means theres better depth on the Zig Zag corners, but the Home Road is quite thin and basless but has bashed up pretty well but may get scrapped in places. Carpark Run is baseless and thin. Typical early season conditions, but though thin surface conditions should be good.
Pix from the Slopes for the 2017 Season

CairnGorm Mountain

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The Lecht

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