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Nevis Range // Saturday 11th March 2017
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Heading out of the Back Coire, careful route selection will get you to about 2/3rds of the way along Rob Roys Return.

Can still access the Goose Tow from the Alpha Tow.

At the top of the Braveheart Chairlift in Coire Dubh.

Decent lines down towards the Braveheart, but lots of rocks to be mindful of!

Looking straight up Coire Dubh from top of the Braveheart Chairlift.

Sussing out the snow cover before dropping into Coire Dubh.

Looking back to Chancer from Yellow Bellow and BackTrack.

Lemming Ridge is a bit precarious at the moment owing to lack of snow away from the cornice!

Clearing up for the afternoon at the top of the Summit Tow.

Looking down Spectre into the mist as the Sun begins to break through. Good cover on Summit Runs.

Carrot Edible.

Upper Goose Gully has good cover, thins and narrows below the timing hut. Load ramp ready at Tower 4 if required.

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Overall the upper mountain at Nevis Range is the place that is holding together the best with decent cover on the Summit and Upper Goose area, but below Tower 4 of the Goose T-bar the cover is becoming narrow and rather patchy in nature though there are various complete routes to the base of the Goose T-bar. The intention is to keep it loading at the bottom as long as its skiable to give longer runs, but a load ramp has been built at Tower 4 if required. The easiest route is to cut towards Warren's then back to the Goose Tow using the Alpha Traverses. It's still possible to access the Goose via the Alpha.

All lower runs are broken and mostly just a few patches left, but the Rabbit Run is still mostly skiable for returning to the Top Gondola Station.

For experts the big news was that despite the overnight thaw the Braveheart made its season debut on Saturday. There is some decent lines to the Braveheart in the Back Coire, but lots of rock hazards it's not somewhere you'd want to go for a bum slide at the moment. Speak to patrol for the latest info on site. You can get most of the way out with skis on and with snowmelt making the grass wet you can get a good bit beyond the snow on Rob Roys Return before running out of momentum!
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