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Nevis Range // Wednesday 1st March 2017
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Goose area things out lower down below the timing hut, but upper Goose is in good shape.

Linnhe Trainer Tow now open thanks to some snow making, cover is thin but adequate so now on snow options for novices, plus easier access to the mountain.

Upper Goose has soft fresh skier tracked / packed snow with wee bumps beginning to form in the gully.

Warren's has been groomed. It's quite firm, does take an edge, but a fall would result in a long slide! Some nice fresh off to the side higher up.

Work underway on the Summit Park.

Summit Runs are all in good shape. Summit Tow busiest lift.

Small queue at times for the Summit Tow as this was the most consistent runs.

Looking down from the top of the Quad Chair, don't be sucked in by the inviting looking start to the runs under the chair, the cover fizzles out.

It's possible to get down the Rabbit Run to the Quad Chair road, but it's thin and a bit patchy. Exit Goose on upper Traverse.

Alpha Tow running for access to the Goose T-bar and dryslope. Yockies is agricultural though people were skiing it!

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Plenty of good periods of Sunshine on the first day of meteorological spring at Nevis, but as the lifts were closing the cloud had come down on the summit and snow was beginning to fall while heading down the gondola.

Snow showers are forecast tonight and for Thursday, but just where will see what in terms of fresh snow we'll have to wait to see given the showery nature of the forecast precipitation.

The best cover and snow conditions is on the upper mountain, the goose gained significant amounts of snow through the storm cycles into and through last weekend despite the torrential rain on Saturday. All Summit Runs are in good condition and work is underway on the Summit Terrain Park.

Heading into the Goose area the upper Goose has wide cover now, great snow in the gully with soft fresh snow starting to form wee bumps. There's still some fresh tracks to be had off to the East side of the Goose, but this is shark infested waters so be careful!

On the Lower Goose area the cover thins considerably as you drop below the timing hut, the best lines are inside the fence or close to the burn. Go carefully in this area and it's possible to get through the day without doing anything horrible to your bases, but if you thunder into the load area of the Goose expect to see sparks!

Warren's run is open and pisted several machine widths, snow is firm packed here, it takes an edge but fall and it will be a long slide. There's some lovely fresh snow to skiers right of the grooming on the top half but lower down you need to stick closer to the fence. Return to the Goose T-bar is fine as the Alpha Traverse is in reasonable shape.

From the Top of the Gondola it's now possible for more experienced skiers and boarders to access the mountain directly via the Linnhe and Alpha Tows, but Quad Chair is open for access and downloading. However it's quicker to come down the Rabbit Run which is skiable to the Quad road, from where it's a short hop to the Top Station compared to about 5-6 minutes from the foot of the Quad.

Snow showers were moving in at close of play so there should be at least some fresh on Thursday.
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