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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 18th March 2017
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Upper Cas has freshened out and has decent cover, narrowing towards the Gunbarrel - combat at bottom of Gunbarrel.

Ciste Gully in good shape to the WWP fenced traverse line, hole there! No uplift so leg work required, easiest to hoof out to Daylodge.

Cover in the Ptarmigan Bowl has widened out again, but the base is narrow so cover likely to reduce overnight a bit.

Some early fresh tracks on the East Wall, but snow got sticky away from top during the day.

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CairnGorm was just to the right side of the occluded front last night getting 2-3 inches of fresh snow during the dusk period into the early part of the evening. Coupled with not losing snow like the West did in heavy rain on Friday, CairnGorm was definitely the place to be in the morning, but snow did get sticky and very slow away from the top in the afternoon as showers came in and were of rain below the Top Basin.

Unfortunately though snow showers will fall up top for the first part of this evening the freezing level is expected to go well above the tops overnight with periods of rain, before gradually the freezing level lowers on Sunday morning.

The expectation is that with fresh snow thawing for the first time the snow will be sticky, heavy and slow going up top. It may actually be a bit better mid-mountain where there is less fresh and will be more thawing, but a short hoof to the mid-station from the Zig Zag crossover into the Gunbarrel is likely to be required.

Obviously runs will have to be checked out in the morning and if there is quite a bit of damage given the colder outlook it may be desirable to not patch the runs up if it's required until the air temperature starts to come down. It should probably be close to freezing in the Top Basin by mid-morning.

So strongly advised to check the latest in the morning if you can before travelling if possible and if not stop and check up on route.
Everything being equal the plan is the Funicular mid-stopping for uplift on the Traverse / Coire Cas and the 2 Top Basin T-bars plus Polar Express Trainer Tow.

The Ciste Gully and East Wall Gullies are skiable for those prepared to do the leg work, but remember no uplift and not patrolled. Over coming days if there is significant snow fall consider the stability of it!
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