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The Lecht // Monday 30th January 2017
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Looking over the new Robin Magic Carpet from the cafe - great for learning!

Blue sky and light winds in the morning, but cloud and wind picked up during the afternoon.

Top of the Eagle was skiing very nicely, but thinner on the bottom the third.

Eagle Poma doing it's thing on Monday, wind caused a few stoppages later in the afternoon.

Link to and from the Eagle are good, so best run was the top 2/3rds of the Eagle from the Grouse Poma.

Grouse Poma and Snowy Owl runs reasonable width, but cover is worn and scrapped on the steeper pitch.

Top of the Snowy Owl Chair looking down the Northern Grouse Run.

Southern Grouse run caught some nice windblown fresh on top early afternoon, but later the wind shifted it to the Poma uptrack and Snowy Owl!

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Monday started with bluebird skies and light winds at the Lecht, much as Sunday had finished. However, from around noon the wind started to steadily pick up from the SE causing a few problems with the Eagle Poma later in the afternoon, the Grouse Poma being less exposed.

Cover is thin, but the runs are a reasonable width and mostly full width away from the top of the Grouse which was narrower, but the cover is getting a bit scrapped in places so even though the Lecht is relatively rock free it's not a time for brand new kit.

The best route was riding the top 2/3rds of the Eagle of the Grouse Poma, this got the good cover on the top of the Eagle and the links are in decent nick.

With the Robin handle tow replaced with a second magic carpet the beginner area situated as it is by the back door of the cafe is even more the perfect place for learning, esp for kids with warmth and a hot chocolate just a few steps away!

Strong SE winds forecast for Tuesday and possibly rain showers early afternoon, but a bit of doubt about how far North they will reach. Strengthening SE wind caused some stoppages late afternoon Monday, so check the latest official report in the morning.
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