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Glencoe // Saturday 4th March 2017
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Several inches fresh on a corduroy base - if the visibility is good on Sunday Rankin's Return will be a fantastic cruise out wide on the Plateau.

The sidewalls of Island Rock gully gave a bit of much needed definition in the Main Basin Saturday afternoon!

Main Basin...

Old Mugs Alley has decent cover with a good base now along the fence line.

Happy Valley...

Sledging corduroy.... check! Free sledges at the Plateau Cafe.

Plateau Poma run is filling out with width improving.

Can ski off the Access Chair and onto the Plateau Poma.

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A starker contrast in visibility from Friday would just about have been impossible, Saturday was a complete pea soup day - but for those planning a Sunday slide the good news was it snowed pretty much constantly throughout the day with radar returns indicating 4-6 inches of fresh snow, after a period of drifting overnight on moderate East winds.

The forecast for Sunday is for snow showers to clear away to give a mostly dry day for Western Coastal mountains, with cloud fragmenting to give some brighter or Sunny spells - so much better visibility is expected than Saturday.

The full on mountain vertical is available from the Summit to the Top of the Access Chair giving 1400ft of vertical descent. The Main Basin is the pick of the upper mountain, but it was very quiet because of the very flat light. The start of the run form the top of the lift is much more filled in than was the case on Friday, but you still need to exit into Happy Valley as below the Haggis Trap has not filled in enough to be skiable.

Mid-Mountain the top leg and corner of Mugs Alley has improved, the best option is to take Old Mugs Alley for return to the Cliffhanger Chair, Plateau Cafe or Coire Pollach Tow. Width and depth improving on the Plateau runs and they are basically full width between the fences now.

The standout lower run though is Rankin's Return, with several inches of fresh snow on top of a corduroy base and hardly a soul venturing out that way because of the visibility. If it clears as forecast tomorrow this will be fantastic fun, and lots of lines to pick different routes from the top of the Cliffhanger to the new fence lines far East on the Plateau.

Sledging area at the Plateau Cafe is in good shape and was groomed to pack down the fresh snow. Sledges available for use free of charge at the Cafe - just pay for a chairlift ticket to get up onto the Plateau. Follow the 'sledging' signs and blue poles along the path to the Plateau Cafe.
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