pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 24th February 2005
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Funicular and White Lady from M1 Poma.

Aonach Bowl and Poma.

Skier on East Lady from beyond Coire Cas Tow.

Between the Traverse and 105.

Northern Corries from Daylodge Poma.

Lower M1 Race Tracks just above 105 merger, with Carpark Runs and Sheiling Tow in the distance..

East Wall from West Wall Poma, filling in but Ciste Gully needs more. Southerly wind to drift snow from Plateau would be good.

Mid section of Coire Cas from the 105.

The 105 has good depth and width, excellent machine packed powder.

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Conditions on CairnGorm have continued to improve since the weekend, with snow showers gradually adding to the cover, with pisted machine packed powder giving generally excellent surface conditions on groomed runs, with just the odd icy patch to beware off. Coire Cas, 105 and upper Lady offering some of the best sport, but for the longest run, the M2 route and Daylodge Poma are providing a good full width route from the top of the mountain back to the Coire Cas Base Station and Daylodge.

Though the Carpark Runs are complete and are slowly improving, the Daylodge Poma Run via the M2 remains the best route back to the Cas Carpark, as the Carpark runs remain fairly narrow lower down compared to the full width M2.

For beginners there are superb nursery areas in the Ptarmigan Bowl, and also some improving areas on the Lower Slopes and the Sheiling Tow will run if demand justifies it. Though not operating at present, the Fiacaill Ridge Poma and Carpark Tow will open when required if numbers require more uplift than the funicular from the Daylodge.

Though the Upper Cas, 105 and Zig Zags are offering good sport, the Gunbarrel is not complete, we need a spell of winds from a Southerly quarter to drive snow of the plateau and down into the likes of the Gunbarrel.

However, Gunbarrel apart, there is some excellent mid winter sport to be had, and the 'Gorm is currently offering it's best conditions of the season. Ski this weekend and you can get a 20% discount on a mid-week day ticket next week, see www.cairngormmountain.com or see the CairnGorm thread in the forum. Finally, thanks to Helen Rennie for today's photos.
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