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Glenshee // Thursday 3rd March 2005
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Bottom of Glas Maol Poma!

Has someone put a snow proof barrier around the Tiger? The steeper runs on the face of the Cairnwell remain scoured and snowless, the only area yet to fill.

Ousite the Base Station, Carn Aosda behind.

Glas Maol's Centre Gully from the Fionn Poma Run, sweet!

The Cairnwell and Base Buildings from Sunnyside which itself is much improved.

Blazing Sun, fresh powder, fresh tracks, Centre Gully Glas Maol.

Coire Fionn Pomas from Centre Gully.

Blue Sky, Sun and Powder!

The Glas Maol Traverse to Centre Gully.

View down the Glas Maol Poma, through Centre Gully beyond to the A93. Centre Gully is skiable all the way to the A93, but its a serious hike back up if no one picks you up!

Glas Maol Poma doing its stuff!

Decisions, descisions....

The Home Run from top of Coire Fionn to Tom Dearg.

More powder in Centre Gully!

The Cairnwell and Carn Aosda area, from beyond the Cairnwell Tbar.

More Tracks!

Unpisted powder is assured, that Piste Basher has a LOT of work to do!

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Easily the day of recent seasons at Glenshee, with the best conditons since the epic 2001 winter.

The full area except the Tiger is now complete and open, with lots of powder off-piste and packed powder on piste. Excellent sport for Good skiers and boarders on Carn Aosda, in Fionn Coire and above all on Glas Maol's Centre Gully.

Not much more to say, the photos speak for themselves and cover most of the area.

Thanks to Steven McKenna, Brian Russel and Macphee from theteuchterlads.co.uk for today's Glenshee pics. If you have been out in the powder, send your photos to pix@winterhighland.com , thanks!
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