pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 17th February 2005
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The Sun shows up around 3.45pm!

Looking up the Lady from just below the Elephant fences.

The M2 has a full width cover between the fences and quite a bit of cover beyond the fences.

Tree Skiing CairnGorm style on the Daylodge Poma!

View of the East Wall from the M2. There is a base but need more to get it fully complete.

The upper Coire Cas has good width of cover and almost a fence depth of snow.

The Traverse is loaded with snow thanks to the high winds that accompanied the last big snow falls.

A tree on the Fiacaill Ridge beyond the Poma. Notice the full width and good cover between the Daylodge Poma fences.

The Overyonder link through the Aonach Bowl to the W/W Poma

Coire Cas from the M1 Race Track. FUll width mostly, but narrow near the merger with the 105.

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Following a brief milder spell on Wednesday the mountain is not looking quite as wintry, but for the most part the snow loss was largely cosmetic removing the areas off thinest cover where the exposed hill side had been wind scoured.

The result is we can now see where there is a real base taking shape, and though there was some loss from the lower slopes, and other than the Daylodge Poma Run (which by far the best route to the Cas Carpark) the lower runs are thin and narrow, the thaw/freeze has probably helped them too by firming up the snow and slowing the rate the fairly thin cover is wearing at.

With more snow forecast there is a good base to build from, and snow showers have been passing over the 'Gorms during the the night (Thurs into Friday), and these will freshen up the surface conditions and take the edge out of what is now a firm to hardpacked base.

There is excellent nursery areas in the Ptarmigan Bowl, and there are some more limited areas on the lower slopes if required. The Cas is offering good sport to the top of the Gunbarrel for a longer green run.

The M1, Lady and M2/Overyonder/Aonach combination are offering sport for experts. M2 and Daylodge Poma route from the top to the Daylodge is the best run on the mountain, full width between the fences and more the whole way.

Thanks to Helen Rennie for today's photos, if you have been out send your photos to pix@winterhighland.com .
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