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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 6th March 2005
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Oh dear.... one sick Poma.

There's gotta be a caption for this....

Looking over to the Fiaciall Tow and cross-over.

The Top Basin from the West Wall Poma. Note lack of fences!

View down the West Wall Poma, track loaded, do you see the fences!

West Wall Chair, from the West Wall Chair Run. Should be bums on those seats...

The Aonach Bowl has good powder and skier packed powder.

Here's trouble....

View over the West Wall Poma and Ciste Tow from Lady Luck, high on the East Lady.

Skier takes a breather high on the East Lady, Loch Morlich beyond.

Carving up the packed powder betwen the M1 Race Track and Poma, from the M1 Poma.

Coire Cas and Gunbarrel from the M1 Poma.

View down the M1 Poma.

Action on the M1 SideTrack, excellent sport on pisted packed powder.

The Hut Route and lower East Lady from M1 Poma.

The Lady and Funicular appear through the early morning mist.

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Another superb day on the 'Gorm, with much improved overhead conditions than Saturday. While Sunday lacked the blue sky sunshine of Thursday, more new snow and drifting on Saturday has further topped up the runs, with the Gunbarrel now complete.

With some stabalization of the snow pack, the East Wall and the West Wall are now open for experts on the Ciste Side, though the Ciste Gully remains closed just in case.

Superb sport for all skill levels from top to bottom of the mountain, with all runs complete and open, apart from the Ciste Gully. Possible to ski to the Cas Carpark via all routes, though the Daylodge Run remains the best route with a wide cover of machine packed powder. When the shuttle bus is running it's skiable to the Ciste Carpark via the Aonach Ridge, Coire Loagh Mor (Know where you are going or you might end up in Glenmore or worse) and down to the foot of the Aonach Poma and out the lower Ciste Gully.

All Top Basin runs are wide and deep, excellent beginner areas in the Ptarmigan Bowl, and plenty of space at the bottom around the Sheiling Tow as well.

For the off piste powder hounds, the East Lady, the Hut Route, and Coronation Wall on the Cas side are superb, and for the aspiring off-piste powder hound, through yourself off the Traverse and take a direct line to the 105.

Basically from mid-station up you can ski anywhere on the mountain, and conditions are now better than any time since 2001. Don't think about it, just get up there!!

Thanks to George Paton for today's photos from CairnGorm Mountain.
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