pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 26th June 2005
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Pit Stop at the BBQ!

Digging out the BBQ Pit.


Having a breather halfway up Coire Cas.

Getting Ready at the snow field.

Mid Summer Turns on CairnGorm Mountain !!

Hiking back up the snowfield.

Jamie stole my caption for this one

Those who are keen (mad) enough.....

I think the burgers are done...

View over Loch A'an.

Ready for another run.

More late June turns.

Approaching the Middle Station, life was easier with the chairlift!

Getting some spring snow turns in... on 26th of June!

Half way up Coire Cas.

Blazing Sun, June 26th, CairnGorm Mtn, lets go shred!!

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Feeling the heat recently? The summer solstice has been and gone, time to chill out with a BBQ in the snow and get some mid-summer turns in on CairnGorm Mountain!

While it's almost three months since the lifts shut for the season,with plenty of snow on winds from a Northerly quarter, the long lasting Southern Snowfields on CairnGorm Mountain are holding up much better than their Northerly counterparts. With the passing of the White Lady Chairlift went the ease of summer access to the Ciste Mhearaidh, so just as in the old days it was time to hike.

A 300m diagonal snowfield, gave a short but sweet run on lovely granular spring snow, with quite a firm crunchy base underneath, the snow gave excellent turns while being firm enough to easily hike back up. Altogether an excellent day, superb summer weather, sweet snow conditions, and great crack, oh and burnt burgers...

After a season in Kirkwood, these were my first turns in Scotland of 2005, are they the last of the season though? There are still some sizeable snowfields on Ben Macdui, so who's going to impress us with some July turns?

Thanks to Jamie, Sandy, George and Helen for additional photos and a great day out, and a big thank you to the girl in the Ptarmigan who lent us a lighter for the BBQ.....

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