pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 13th March 2005
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Looking across the Lady to Coronation Wall and Cas Headwall from above the East Lady on the M2.

CairnGorm from a completely loaded M2.

The Northern Corries from the M2.

West Wall Poma in action, note buried fences!

Boarders on the top of the M2.

The M2 from Lady luck, could ski anywhere from M2 down the East Lady.

The Ptarmigan Restaurant looking somewhat wintry!

Awsome... the Aonach Bowl was again superb!

East Wall loaded with snow, as are the chairs on the West Wall Chairlift.

You never know what you might meet in Sneachda......

Looking back up the 'Gorm above the Headwall. Snow everywhere for now!

Thanks to Neil Walker for this panoramic of Coire Cas. Click for larger size.

Boarders heading into Sneachda from Coire Cas.

Sun and powder in Coire an-t Sneachda.

The 105 and Traverse from the Cas, ski anywhere!

Fiacaill Ridge Poma, looking to carpark.

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We've updated Sunday's pics from CairnGorm Mountain with a bunch of new superb photos. Firstly a big thank you to George Paton for the bulk of the photos, but also to Neil Walker for the superb panoramic of Coire Cas which really shows the extent to which you can ski and ride anywhere on the upper mountain, with a huge scope for excellent off-piste recently both within the area and beyond. Also thanks to Brendan Howard for additional photos.

Not a lot to say, the photos generally pretty much speak for themselves. Toggle through the thumbnail index pages to get a description of the location of each photo. Overhead conditions improved through the day on Sunday to give excellent sport for all ability levels, there are excellent nursery areas in the Ptarmigan Bowl with a wide and deep cover. Lots of pisted blues for cruising on, with the M2 and Daylodge Poma Run remaining superb and still the best route to the Daylodge, though the Fiacaill Ridge is now giving it a run for its money.

For experts you can ski practically anywhere on the M1 and White Lady, and the M1 SideTrack provides great snow for fast tight carving. For off-piste the East Lady was offering great sport, accessed from the M2 or Lady Luck all the way over to the hut route. For aspiring off-piste powder hounds, drop of the Traverse at any point and take a direct line to the 105 for some moderate off-piste. Experts wanting something steeper look no further than Coronation Wall.

If you know where your going and want a long but fairly gentle off-piste tour, head into Sneachda from the top of the Cas via the Fiacaill Traverse, and ski out using the Ridge Poma to get back up. All runs to the Carparks are complete, though the Ridge run and Daylodge remain the best options.

As always if you have been out, send us you photos and reports to pix@winterhighland.com .
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