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Glencoe // Saturday 29th January 2005
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A day for views, above the distant anticyclonic gloom.

Ben Lawers, Glen Lyon and Glen Lochay hills.

Another Blue Sky view in one of the lucky areas to shake off the gloom!

A day for admiring the view!

Top T-Bar doing it's stuff.

No Haggis caught in the trap today!

View down to the Plateau Runs, complete but narrow.

Winter Climbers front pointing the Spring Run... Says it all! Sharpen those edges!

That Hill Again.....

Two folk parapenting over The Pap of Glencoe

The Buachaille trying to look wintry. Rannoch Wall is the obvious large mass of rock below the summit.

The upper runs from the Plateau Path. Spring Run and Flypaper closed for saftey as a fall would be lethal!

The lost valley on the left, Gear Aonach in the middle and the access valley to Stob Coire nan Lochan on the right

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Meall a' Bhuiridh was certainly the peak to be on for the views on Saturday, one of the lucky places to see a break in the anticyclonic gloom which is clearly evident in the distance at lower altitudes in some of the photos.

Snow cover is still fairly limited, but on the main runs and in the gullies there is a reasonable and solid base to build from, probably the most extensive base and it will certainly give Glencoe a head start when it begins snowing again.

On the runs the Main Basin was on offer on the upper slopes, though the width is generally not bad, it was offering fairly challenging sport due to the hard packed surface. Indeed the Spring Run and Fly Paper are closed for saftey due to ice as a fall could potentially be lethal. (Witness the climbers on the spring run...)

On the Middle Runs the Wall area is open, and the snow softens lower down, for that reason many people were staying on the Plateau Run which had looser and softer surface conditions.

The photo from the Plateau Path looking up the mountain shows the main upper and middle runs. Thanks to George Paton for today's photos from Glencoe, if you have been out in the mountains please send your photos to pix@winterhighland.com , information on conditions is always welcome to help keep the snow editorials as detailed and accurate as possible.
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