pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 15th February 2005
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Untangling the M1 Poma, an uncessassary stopage, it's up to everyone to help keep the lifts running smoothly, use them don't abuse them.

West Wall Poma bottom terminal.

Ice entombed Summit Weather Station Hut.

Looking along the M2 to Ben Wyvis (right) and the Monaliathds.

The M2 split from the Ciste Fairway.

Tracking up the powder on the East Lady Boulder Field, beware of the rocks but great snow.

The Coire Cas Tow doing it's stuff!

West Wall Poma early morning prior to deicing.

The Ptarmigan Basin under blazing sun and packed powder snow!

View West from the Top of the Traverse, you can see Ben Nevis.

Skiers and boarders heading for the Cas on the Traverse.

A queue in need of tidying up, learn how to queue, save piste space!

Looking down to the lower half of the White Lady, superb unpisted skier packed powder.

A busy half term day on the White Lady!!! Lack of tbars on Lady tow??

Sun about to go down on a great day.

Summit AWS still well iced up.

A superb day across the Cairngorms.

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As promised on this mornings early update, the day of the 2005 season so far, with the early cloud and snow flurries soon clearing to give largely unbroken sunshine from a clear blue sky overhead, and excellent packed powder snow underfoot.

Indeed there are still some areas of powder to be found off-piste, including on the East Lady, though remember this is a boulder field, so look out for the rocks!

The runs in the Top Basin are in great nick with excellent conditions for learning in the Ptarmigan Bowl. For more advanced skiers and boarders the M2, Overyonder and Aonach in the Ciste and the Lady and M1 on the Cas side are offering good sport, with unpisted skier packed powder on the Lady.

The Cas is offering great surface conditions and terrain for intermediates. The best route to the Daylodge is via the Daylodge Poma and M2, the Carpark Runs and Home Road are complete but they are narrower and have some thin areas. There are also beginner areas around the Daylodge and Sheiling, but it's better to head to the top. Sheiling Tow can run if required.
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