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Nevis Range // Sunday 6th March 2005
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Looking up to the foot of the Summit Tow and Top of the Goose.

Warren's T-bar in action. Good sport on fenced runs.

Warren's is offering excellent riding, Goose Tow, Chair to left of pic, Alpha, Warrens Tow and Top Station to right of photo.

Looking down towards Loch Lochy.

The bottom of the Goose below Tower 4 still lacks deptn, so look out for rocks, thin bits. Upper Goose has good sport.

Goose Gully from the T-bar.

The Goose!

The Summit Button. Excellent cover and surface conditions. Terrain park has range of rails and kickers.

The Braveheart from high in Coire Dubh.

Entering the Back Corrie.

The Top of the Braveheart Chairlift.

Looking back up the headwall of Coire Dubh.

On the Braveheart Black, good sport for experts.

Looking up the Braveheart Chair from the base. Stick to the main gully lines through the boulder fields / rock outcrops.

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While the East had been getting the best of the snow, Nevis has been doing some catching up this past week, and on Saturday the Braveheart Chairlift opened for the first time this season, giving improved access to excellent and challenging off-piste terrain for good skiers and boarders in the Back Corries.

On the front of the mountain, the Summit has the best sport, full and wide cover with packed powder snow, closely followed by the Upper Goose and Warrens. The bottom 1/4 of the Goose is still lacking depth compared to other areas, so look out for thin sections and some rocks.

The recommended routes into Coire Dubh are via the Chancer (Cornice drop required), Yellow Belly or for a easier drop in, the Back Track. The Traverse out is complete, but some careful navigation is required further round.

For those who know where they are going, Spikes has been reported to be offering the best sport over the back, with a good run out to the foot of the Braveheart. Make sure the chair is open or a serious hike out is required, and beware of potential avalanche risk before going beyond the main area on the off-piste routes and gullies.

Finally thanks to Chris Hawkes, and Grant for the Nevis Photos.
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