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Glencoe // Thursday 3rd September 2015
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Looking up the Flypaper snow patch, it looks quite innocent from this angle!

At the foot of the snow, no run out and the ground was difficult to stand up on even off the snow.

Andy gets what might just be the first ever September turns on the Flypaper!

Looking up Old Mugs Alley and the under construction Coire Polloch Tow from the purpose made 'Webcam' window in the new hut!

Plateau Cafe has been getting a lick of paint as the drier days allow!

Optimistic but the Spring Run didn't get skied today!

Looking up the new Coire Polloch Tow. With the new fencing Old Mugs Alley should be a great green run.

Part de-tensioned and out of commission Access Chair, work now getting underway on 1/2million pound electrification and overhaul, which will include provision of back up generators.

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Meteorological autumn has begun with the calendar turning over to September and it was time for Andy and the walking wounded from August (me) to hoof it from the Carpark to notch up another month of sliding on Meall a' Bhuiridh.

The Access Chair is closed until the Snowsports Season gets underway as the initial work is now in progress on a major overhaul and electrification of the lift, including upgraded power supply to the mountain and provision of backup generators.

Up on the mountain the new Coire Polloch Tow is really taking shape, the superstructure is complete, the running gear in place, the lifty and control hut is being clad - and the hut comes complete with a webcam window for a new cam looking up Old Mugs Alley that will be online at the start of winter.

In terms of snow, the very wet and at times windy weather late August saw the snow patches take a big hit even from the August snow patch survey weekend of 22/23rd. That left the Flypaper as the day's target for some very steep and precarious September turns - we think probably the first on the Flypaper in September.

Snow dances please, we want to bag October, November and December turns to get the first known calendar year of sliding on Meall a' Bhuiridh. A patch may make it into October on the Flypaper, but it's looking less certain than seemed to be the case a couple of weeks ago.
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