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Glencoe // Sunday 1st May 2016
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Looking up Ski Tow Gully. Both Top Tows when required.

Mugs Alley still provides a reasonable route back from other runs to the lifts, but not suitable for novices due narrow bits.

Rannoch Glades was a bit slow, but enough gradient to overcome it. Probably should be better on Monday.

Looking up the canyon from the Cliffhanger Chair. Good fun this weekend.

Upper Leg of Mugs Alley still decent.

Main Basin is wide and deep, snow improved the more it was riden on Sunday.

Plateau Poma track didn't survive the spell of rain last night, but you can get down most of it.

Steep spring snow on the East Ridge and in the Flypaper Bowl.

Looking down the Spring Run.

Main Basin still loaded and remains flat through the Haggis Trap.

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Monday is due to be closing day at Glencoe, so get up if you want a last lift served slide, but beware that strong overnight winds may delay opening or possibly prevent play. Check with the centre in the morning on 01855 851226.

Initial blizzards gave away to spell of rain at all levels and gales last night, which meant a slight gain in snow at the top but the loss of the Plateau Poma uptrack overnight.

With the fluctuating temperature overnight the snow started rather sticky as fresh new snow was thawing for the first time, but on the Main Basin, Happy Valley and Spring Run this was skied into better condition and the surface conditions improved through the day.

Strong winds overnight eased up just in time for the 9am opening on Sunday to give a reasonable day with some bright / Sunny spells. The weather is closing back in this evening with Severe Gales forecast for overnight and a period of rain to Summit level. A cold front will come in post dawn, behind it the wind will moderate somewhat but it's slightly margins given the reliance on the Cliffhanger Chair for access to the upper mountain - so please check AM. Monday should see a mix of snow showers with some bright or Sunny Spells.

Most mid and upper runs retain good wide and deep cover. The Main Basin and Happy Valley still in great shape for blue cruising terrain, so plenty on offer for confident intermediates and up.

So the Poma didn't quite make it to closing day, which means a short walk is required over the Plateau path to the Cliffhanger Chair. Should take around 7-10mins tops for most and the walk is considerably shorter than the length of the Poma and reasonably gentle.
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