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Glencoe // Tuesday 10th May 2016
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New fencing going on the Plateau Poma Run.

About to head into the Canyon. Great fast crunchy Spring snow, but remember there's a river underneath!

Firm fast granular spring snow, not leaving much in the way of a track behind!

Looking up the Main Basin from by Island Rock.

The Haggis Trap is still flat the top of the gull rock walls now visible.

Looking up the Main Basin towards Island Rock from the Haggis Trap.

Spring Run still decent - but a highly dubious full width crack on the Flypaper!

Top of the Main Basin still wide and deep.

Main Basin T-bar track is still complete. *hint*

The Wall has taken a direct hit from the warm Easterly wind and is now broken at the bottom but 3/4 still skiable.

Looking up into the Canyon, still in good shape.

Hot work, ski tourers heading up the Main Basin through the Haggis Trap. Ski Tow Gully still loaded too.

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It's something of the test for proper Spring Snow, the hotter it gets the better the surface to ski on and today was one of those days with near perfect fast granular Spring Snow for those willing to hike or skin up.

However, going up was hot work and you could really feel the snow amplifying the effect of the Sun!

The Access Chair is open daily (wind permitting) around 10 minutes will get you to the start of the snow, but it's easier to walk up to the Rescue Station level than try and skin up the steeper mid-mountain snowfields.

Up top the Main Basin and Spring Run are still in good condition, there's plenty of snow still around the Flypaper but it has a very dubious looking full width crack and suggests meltwater percolating through the snowpack is allowing it slide - potential precursor to a full depth or wet snow avalanche.

Mid-mountain the Canyon is still a blast, Thrombosis still good out onto the High Road, but you can get slightly longer vertical on the Wall and it's still a continuous run from the top of the Main Basin to just over 3/4 of the way down the Wall.
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