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Glencoe // Saturday 18th June 2016
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Some of the many paraglider taking off from Creag Dhu soaring above Rannoch Moor and Meall a' Bhuiridh.

Final run of the day on the Spring Run, this was the longest of the remaining patches - because of the gradient it doesn't look it on the webcam due to foreshortening.

Andy checking out the Haggis Trap on the way up.

Skier in the Haggis Trap - not a line to mess up!

Laying out a turn in the Main Basin.

Heading back down the Access Chair. Busy day with over 100 paragliders, around 60 skiers / boarders and downhill bikers too.

Heading back up the Main Basin snowfield.

Preparing for a mass descent of the Main Basin.

Getting some turns in on the middle patch of the Main Basin.

Some serious shovelling rejoined upper section of the Main Basin!

Cliffhanger Chair took the strain to mid-mountain level on the way up.

Where's the snow then? Skiers and boarders preparing for the hoof over the Plateau at the top of the Access Chair.

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The date was chosen as the Saturday closest to the Summer Solstice since the Solstice itself fell on a weekday this year (it was Monday 20th) and we got a true taste of summer for this year's mid summer ski.

The Sun was splitting the sky from the trip up the Access Chair in the morning till the last skiers and boarders came down the Access Chair after 4pm in the afternoon. An absolutely fantastic day with enough warmth and breeze to keep the midges at bay at all levels.

After getting a lift up to mid mountain level on the Cliffhanger Chair it was on foot for the rest of the day, first heading up to the Main Basin. Here a kicker was built and lots of shovelling reconnected the two largest patches to give a longer run.

The most turns and best snow though was on the Spring Run for those who traversed round the hill later in the afternoon with great granular spring snow.

A more traditional summer ski than last year where it was still possible to ski from the top of the Main Basin to almost the foot of the Wall on still fully complete runs, but a fantastic day out with between 50 and 60 skiers and snowboarders (and a few lobsters by the end of the day).
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