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Glencoe // Monday 15th February 2016
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Plateau Poma late afternoon. Great surface conditions, but a few thin areas on the Poma run, Low Road has best cover.

Lots heading off to the Spring Run and East Ridge for their last run on a bluebird Monday.

Way out East on the Plateau far beyond the Low Road there was some fantastic lightly skied snow - heading to the Blue Access Run.

Going up Ski Tow Gully on the Rannoch Button.

Main Basin offering nice riding but still with small bumps late in the day. Entrance is quite tricky for a blue due to way snow is lying.

Boarders head into the Canyon with the new Coire Pollach Tow and Plateau Poma below.

New Coire Pollach Tow is a fantastic addition esp. for snow plough turners and early intermediates. Old Mugs Alley in excellent condition.

With the Rannoch Button running and people being encouraged to double up on the Main Basin T-bars, queues stayed fairly short at the top.

Lovely snow below the top of the Access Chair on the Blue Access Run (out of sight of chairlift and the red fence line).

End of the run, beginning of the road (<10 min hoof to carpark) at just below 1600ft.

Apparently no parking at 1800ft on the Blue Access Run!

The waterfall below the Access Chair, part frozen.

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Largely bluebird skies above Meall a' Bhuiridh and mostly lovely surface conditions made for a busy but great day at Glencoe on the Monday of the local schools long weekend.

Despite it being busier than Sunday, queues on the upper mountain have been short and moving quickly with the Rannoch Button running alongside the Main Basin T-bar. The Wall T-bar was always under a bit of pressure with the Cliffhanger out of action, queues here fairly consistent at around 10 minutes for much of the day. However late in the afternoon there was only ever a few people in front and at any Snowsports Area during a holiday period, staying on the slopes till the end of the day is always well rewarded.

All runs on the mountain were open including the Flypaper and there are lots of lines to challenge yourself in and around the Flypaper Bowl and East Ridge. Just a note of caution that the top of Ballies Gully was windscoured and icy at the narrowest point! In the bowl of the Flypaper the snow was very forgiving, which was just as well as there were a few interesting approaches taken to this descent during Monday!

Spring Run was very popular all day and bumps were beginning to build. Lower down the snow was good on the Plateau, if still a bit thin on the Poma Run itself in places. However Old Mugs Alley of the new Coire Pollach Tow was excellent and the Low Road is wide. Taking the top leg of Mugs Alley, but carrying on at the corner beyond the bottom of the Spring Run out above and East of the Low Road offered some lovely hardly touched snow far out on the Plateau.

For those who really don't want to take the chair down, you could ski to below 1600ft and less than 10 minutes hoofing down the red bike track from the carpark using the Blue Access Run.

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