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Glencoe // Sunday 27th March 2016
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No need to rush off at the end of the day at Glencoe, enjoy a coffee or have a meal in the Cafe before hitting the road (food served till 7.30pm).

Winchcat ready for the morning, Spring Run and Rannoch Glades visible above the Poma.

Looking down Happy Valley, firm grippy base with new snow on top, softer spring like surface towards middle.

Despite the rain on Saturday the Plateau area has held together, a few narrow bits on the Poma Run but it all still connects together.

Snow shower coming in for the last run down the Main Basin, could be 2-3 inches tonight from clusters of snow showers coming in.

Old Mugs Alley and the new Coire Pollach Tow was popular today, still good cover here.

Main Basin below the Haggis Trap approaching the mid-mountain level.

Looking up Ski Tow Gully, never more than a few people in front often ride straight on and Rannoch Button can run if demand.

Main Basin from the t-bar, great cover and the Haggis Trap is still flat through, great blue run cruising.

Plateau Poma uptrack still good and flat, easy to ride. Roma Run narrow in bits, but all Plateau Runs still complete to top of Chair.

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Saturday's rain gave way to hill snow during the night as the temperature came back down to give some fresh snow on top of the existing base. Firm at the top and off the groomers, on the prepared areas it was nice from the go, with the base softening up away from the top during the morning but without the fresh snow getting sticky, so much better surface conditions than many were expecting!

All runs remain complete with the exception of Etive Glades, and everything was open but the Flypaper. All uplift can run though the Rannoch Button wasn't required on Sunday.

The Main Basin is wide, the Haggis Trap is filled flat and the full length is grooming up beautifully, the early birds get to carve up the fresh corduroy.

Despite the rain on Saturday the Plateau Runs have survived and are all still complete with the links holding up around the Plateau area, so still easy to get around the mountain. Ski off the Access Chair and onto the Plateau Poma.

For green terrain the new Coire Pollach Tow and Old Mugs Alley is the pick, it's still in great condition. All the variations on Mugs Alley remain in good shape, including the forks on Old Mugs Alley to the Cliffhanger, Plateau Cafe and Coire Pollach Tow. Good riding back to the top of the Access Chair from out on the East Ridge, Spring Paper areas following the further out snowfields back into the Low Road making for easy full laps.

Looking good for Monday with snow showers tonight, giving way to Sunny Spells in light and variable winds.
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