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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 8th May 2016
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Still full cover between the fences heading for the Traverse.

Bottom of the Gunbarrel was interesting after the M1 Poma queuing area.

Looking back up the traverse from near the 105 corner.

Still wide cover in the Ptarmigan Bowl. Kicker saw a fair bit of action, but not when camera was near!

The lack of drainage and mud at the mid-station seems to be getting progressively worse.

That's almost all folks for the season!

Still a nice wee line from here back onto the Traverse.

Looking to CairnGorm from Loch Morlich after the end of play on closing day.

Base of the Ciste T-bar, Bowl still pretty wide.

Upper Cas still in decent shape, snow was a bit quicker in the Boulderfield area today.

Looking out over the Ptarmigan Bowl from outside the Top Station.

Top of the Ptarmigan Tow, still a fence depth of snow or more here.

The Top Station which is undergoing refurbishment.

Looking down to the Ptarmigan Tow drive station.

Gotta love Summer, this year it was on a Sunday!

Looking down the Ciste Fairway from the top of the M2. Some narrow bits lower down on the Fairway.

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Well by the time you are reading this, any turns are going to have to be earned as Sunday was closing day on CairnGorm Mountain.

The 2016 Scottish Season has officially wrapped up - but there are still decent turns to be had for those willing to hike or skin up, both on CairnGorm, beyond on the Plateau and over in the West at both Nevis and Glencoe where the Gondola and Access Chair respectively take you to within 10 minutes or so of the snow line - it's a bit closer at Glencoe.

On CairnGorm it was warm out of the wind with a screen temperature of +18°c at the mid-station mid afternoon. Top to middle riding was still just possible, good cover on the Traverse, 105 and Upper Cas, plus top half of the Gunbarrel - but below the M1 loading area was a bit of a obstacle course to the mid-station with just a single line and an early bath if you messed up!

Up in the Top Basin all the runs of the top tows remain in mostly good shape, still pretty wide cover in the Ciste Bowl and the Ptarmigan Bowl retains full cover. Fairway was mostly decent, though narrowing a bit near the bottom. Though the snow really softened with the warm temperature and brisk SE breeze, being a tail wind that helped counter the softening snow.

Tourists in the Cas Carpark at the end of the day seemed slightly bemused by the skiers and snowboarders milling around, having past a beach full of people in summer mode at Loch Morlich!
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