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Glenshee // Wednesday 20th January 2016
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Good cover under the Baddoch Chair and on the other routes back to the carpark on both sides of the road.

Claybokie in good condition for novices who've advanced from the Dink Dink.

Going up the Sunnyside Pomas.

Wide cover on Meall Odhar with lots of options for exploring different lines, but the flat light made it a bit of an adventure.

Looking through the Fionn Pomas into the Coire. Piste Basher was circulating the ridge to top of the Caenlochan and down the bowl.

Strapping in at the top of the Meall Odhar Poma.

Glas Maol looks ready and may open during Thursday wind permitting.

View down the Meall Odhar Poma run to the Cluny area.

Home Run around the flank of Meall Odhar in great condition, fantastic longish blue cruising groomer.

Skier on the Home Run from Meall Odhar.

Sunnyside runs in good shape, though not a huge depth of snow.

Decent turnout for mid-week, but no queues - except at times on the Claybokie with school groups.

The light was rather funky early on up on the Cairnwell, and deceptively flat.

Dink Dink and Rope Tow providing good nursery areas.

Butcher's Coire had perfect machine groomed corduroy and hardly anyone went over that way, so worth a few laps in the morning!

Looking out to the Cairnwell from the top of the Butchart's Access Poma.

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A great Wednesday at Glenshee, with good visibility and reasonably bright overhead - but deceptively flat light from the high haze layer. Which made it more of a day for the groomers than exploring outwith the fences, Meall Odhar has wide cover and has huge variety of terrain, but it all looked flat yesterday.

On the groomed stuff the conditions are fantastic on all aspects, Butchart's Coire was seeing hardly any traffic as everyone was sticking to the Poma run. So with immaculate corduroy it was worth lapping a few times.

The runs back to the carpark from either side of the road are in good condition, more so now than the runs back to the Cas Carpark on CairnGorm.

Word was that the Glas Maol Poma could open during Thursday, but weather may affect that. Friday doesn't look good, with a mix of rain, then snow behind the cold front and high winds.

At the moment, Saturday might not be too bad a day in the East, but it will depend what damage is done on Friday, so check the forecasts and latest reports on Friday afternoon. Sunday looks a bit of a write off at the moment, but forecasts have been very uncertain so could change.
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