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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 28th April 2016
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Snow has been accumulating through April at higher levels, Top Basin now has deepest cover of the season.

Looking out across Coronation Wall to the Headwall, as wind picked up the drifting in the afternoon.

White Lady is mostly wide with all approaches good, though skiers right of the Top Station is the pick. Approach to lifts improved.

Cas Gunbarrel fairly mellow still, nice groomed surface. Lower 105 looks good, but still a few rocks.

Total cover right across the Top Basin with lots of moderate off-piste on the Ptarmigan Ridge.

View down the Ciste Fairway, even the new higher rail fences are buried in the Top Basin.

Skiers in the Ciste Bowl which is go anywhere, machine packed powder on the groomed line.

Can go either side of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Terrain Park getting dug out and tidied up ahead of Saturday's Ptarmigan Jam.

Big hit in the Terrain Park!

Carpark Run is skiable with care via Burnside. Cover is thin, but improving with drifting snow and more is forecast.

Upper Cas is wide with moderate ungroomed snow in the Boulderfield. With freshening South wind up the Traverse the Cas Tow would have been useful.

M1 RaceTrack upper section had good drifts of fresh, switch to skiers right of outside fence then swing back to Coire Cas via Horizon Road.

There is shed loads of snow on the West Wall, Chair Run, most of the Ciste Gully. Run Status board makes a clear case for the West Wall Chair.

New taller rail fences out of sight on the Ptarmgian Traverse. Most of the Top Basin probably has 2m + of snow.

Heading out to start a fine day on the 'Gorm. Best weather AM, wind freshening with light showers and significant drifting PM.

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Dawn broke with bluebird skies over CairnGorm Mountain, quite a few people simply looked at the Loch Morlich webcam this morning and whatever was planned, they got in the cars and headed to the 'Gorm! So sorry if you were taking a sickie and found your way into any of these photos!

There's been around 18 inches of new snow since the weekend on the upper part of the mountain and around a foot lower down. Some of this has fallen on bare and warmer ground, so there isn't uniformly a foot lower down, but it is now possible to ride the Carpark Runs back to the Base Station via Burnside - though a bit of care is required as the cover is thin and baseless below mid-station.

The lower White Lady approach to the lifts is also improved and the Gunbarrel was great with the fresh snow well pisted and still pretty flat. The White Lady is generally excellent and wide with all approaches good. Above the top of the Gunbarrel though that it turns into a different world, from here up snow has been gradually accumulating all April and upper mountain snow pack is the deepest of the season with superb machine packed powder conditions on the groomers and lots of moderate off-piste available of the Top Tows.

Coronation Wall was seeing action with various lines possible, from fairly mellow shortcuts of the Traverse to heading much further out. Beware cornice is building above the Headwall and Fiacaill a' Choire Chais - think about the avalanche risk beyond the officially open in-bounds terrain. There is also some sweet wind packed snow in the Cas Boulderfield and between the Traverse and 105.

Top to Daylodge riding at the end of April approaching the May Day holiday weekend, with more snow forecast.... no gardening, no golf... Ski / Board while you can! Glencoe also open daily through Monday 2nd May, Lecht planning to reopen too.
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