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Glencoe // Tuesday 19th April 2016
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The Canyon was a blast as soon as the snow loosened up in the morning.

The Spring Run from the Plateau Poma which remains open for access to the rest of the mountain.

The Plateau Run is combat skiable or alternatively Old Mugs Alley is in good condition and its about a 4-5min walk down the path.

Ski Tow Gully still has plenty of life in it. Both Top Tows can run if required, Rannoch Button was on in the morning.

Rannoch Glades across Mugs Alley and down between the Cliffhanger and Thrombosis was the run of the day.

Main Basin and Happy Valley were pisted corduroy motorways to start, early birds can lay out some big carves on silky snow.

Cliffhanger Chairlift and the wall of the Canyon.

Base of the Main Basin T-bar.

Thrombosis and the Cliffy Crag below the Rannoch Wall. Lots of fun lines to be had mid-mountain for better skiers / boarders.

Canyon is a must do for good skiers / boarders once the snowpack loosens up into great Spring Snow.

Looking down the Wall. There's quite a kick on the exit from the dip on the Wall Crossover now.

Come and find out why it's called The Spring Run!

Main Basin remains wide and deep and flat through the Haggis Trap.

Mugs Alley still complete, best to follow the burn gully. Old Mugs Alley is easier for novices, but short walk to the Chair from Cafe.

Rannoch Glades, Thrombosis and the Cliffy Crag - today's pick of the bunch from Old Mugs Alley.

Experienced riders can still get down the Plateau Poma Run, but Old Mugs Alley is still complete to the Plateau path.

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All but Etive Glades retains good cover on the mid and upper slopes of Meall a' Bhuiridh, with lots of fun lines to be explored for more experienced riders both mid-mountain and out around the East Ridge and Flypaper Bowl once the snow loosens up in the morning.

Start the day with some big carves on the groomers on the Main Basin and Happy Valley, as the Sun gets to work and loosens up the surfaces into fantastic granular Spring Snow.

Confident intermediates and up will get more out of Glencoe, as the Plateau Poma is for access only. Mugs Alley is still complete from the Cliffhanger Chair, but it's not suitable for complete novices.

Once the snow loosens up which it should do quickly mid-week, the whole mountain quickly becomes on big funpark, with lots of wee lines worth exploring around the mid-mountain area for better skiers and boarders.

Most people's pick was Rannoch Glades on Tuesday, but many cut back to the Top Tows, missing out some fantastic spring snow skiers left of Thrombosis on the Cliffhanger Crag, then on out to the Wall via the High Road, giving an excellent long and varied run off both T-bars.

Check with patrol for the latest on the Flypaper area, it should soften quickly in the morning again on Wednesday and Thursday. Still great riding to be had and only £25 for adults, £20 students - get up and play, Summer will be long enough!
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