pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 15th February 2016
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Construction of the Marquis Well Halfpipe has begun.

Looking up an unused Carpark T-bar uptrack from the loading area.

View out across the Top Basin from the Ptarmigan Ridge.

White Lady was in great shape and away from the top should catch more in the Southerly storm Tuesday / night.

Jeans Bowl from the Fiacaill Ridge.

Looking out over Coire Cas. Zig Zags, Gunbarrel, M1, Funicular and beyond the Lady.

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Overnight snow showers eased into the morning, but it was an overcast early part of Monday before the skies cleared for the afternoon on CairnGorm Mountain.

Surface conditions were great from top to Daylodge, but the cover is still thin in places on the lower slopes but easily passable. However lack of uplift curtailed the options for better skiers and boarders, with only the Funicular for uplift from the base and from Coire Cas to the Top Station the White Lady and M1 runs were largely empty because the queue for the Funicular become to some extent self limiting.

By Wednesday morning these photos will be historical information, some parts of the mountain for the better, other parts for the worse where open slopes are scoured of the still relatively fresh snow. Cas, Gunbarrel, perhaps Burnside or Daylodge Poma (depending on wind strength) should gain snow in the Southerly storm. So too hopefully will the Ciste Gully, it wouldn't take much to plug the few holes in the base, but it might take a good deal more (and not just snow) to get any uplift for it given the WWP is usually the lowest priority and none of the lower tows have been running in Coire Cas.

Thanks to Windy Miller for the photos, more details in the forum in the CairnGorm snow thread.
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