pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 15th April 2016
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Looking back up from the Fiacaill Ridge uptrack, can still get most of the way to the carpark by this route.

Where there was old snow there was over 4 inches of fresh on the lower slopes. Snowmaking would help more natural snow lie!

Fresh tracks on the White Lady during a clearance between showers.

Burnside beginning to fill in, about 2/3rds of the Carpark Run combat skiable, but the ridge route would be better.

Heading out on the Fiacaill Traverse.

Slowly this month snow has been accumulating above halfway up the middle runs, Cornation Wall is now coming into skiable condition.

Looking up the Upper Cas which has a wide and pretty deep cover.

Visibility limited up top in the snow.

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Much colder air moved in for Friday with heavy snow showers falling to low levels and lying at Glenmore. Some brighter spells between showers on the mountain, but visibility poor in snow.

Snow has gradually been accumulating on the upper half of the mountain from above about 2800 to 3000ft during this month, thus the Top Basin is in superb condition with excellent conditions for novices and early intermediates. However the weather is looking pretty windy for through the weekend and on Monday, before a more settled spell with light winds is expected.

With more fresh snow Coronation Wall is coming into skiable condition, so gradually a bit more options opening up for more experienced skiers and boarders also.

Mid-mountain the cover starts excellent but the base does rather thin out towards the middle, with the Cas Gunbarrel having the best cover back to mid-station. White Lady is in great shape for the top 3/4, but final approach to M1 Poma is thin and narrow, though improving.

Good skiers / boarders can get most of the way to the Carpark via the Fiacaill Traverse, Fiacaill Crossover and mix of the Sideslope and Ridge Poma track. People did combat ski to the corner of Burnside on the Carpark Runs!
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