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Glencoe // Wednesday 20th April 2016
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Classic steep Spring Snow riding on the East Ridge of Meall a' Bhuiridh. More tomorrow! :)

Mugs Alley complete, but not suitable for complete novices, as narrow areas.

Looking down Radio Gully from the East Ridge.

Skier heading for the Flypaper from the East Ridge side.

Thrombosis is great fun for good skiers and boarders, tight wee bump run then a mini Haggis Trap style hollow to launch from.

It's why it's called the Spring Run!

Looking back up the lower half of the Main Basin from the Haggis Trap.

Where it all begun, far below at the base of the East Ridge lies the ruins of Ba Cottage where early skiers returned to doss for the night.

The Haggis Trap is still completely filled to the brim and flat through.

T-shirt skiing not compulsory, but suncream and shades are! Quite a few lobsters came off the hill tonight.

Boarder hitting one of the ride on boxes in the Main Basin.

Plateau Poma still going for access to the main area in the last third of April.

Skier on Happy Valley, the A82 exiting Rannoch Moor through the arched bridge far below.

Main Basin T-bar doing it's thing.

The Main Basin is still wide and deep, Ski Tow Gully also pretty loaded, so skiable lines beside the tows there too.

The Spring Run and East Ridge from the Access Chair under bluebird skies. More of the same expected Thursday.

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Scorchio... T-shirt skiing for some, but some clearly forgot the suncream this morning, remember the Sun is as strong as mid to late August now and the snow amplifies it!

Despite the strong Sun and warm temperature the snow remained excellent granular spring snow thanks to the dry air, light winds and recent diurnal thaw/freeze cycling.

Meall a' Bhuiridh served up another epic day of Spring riding and the forecast is set for a repeat on Thursday and Friday, so if you can get up, forget the garden and the golf clubs and get up!

At Glencoe the bulk of the mid and upper runs which are formed from the natural snowfields and gullies remain in fantastic shape with the full spectrum of green, blue, red and black terrain still on offer. However green terrain is limited to Mugs Alley and the Bunny Run option off the Cliffhanger Chair, and not suitable for complete novices.

Plateau Poma uptrack is still complete for access, but please don't ski down the uptrack as that will shorten it's life. Plateau Run can still be combat skied back to the Access Chair, but a better run can be had by heading down Old Mugs Alley to the base of the Coire Pollach Tow, that's still in decent nick and its only a few minutes hoof on the Plateau footpath back to the Chair.

Expecting the snow to crunch up tonight, so hit the groomers first thing on the Main Basin and Happy Valley, but snow should loosen quickly in the Sun.

Once the snow does start to loosen up the mountain's just one big playground at the moment, forget marked runs / pistes, just explore the mountain.

PS Anyone seen enjoying themselves will have their lift pass confiscated.
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