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Glencoe // Sunday 17th January 2016
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The dry slope behind the cafe at 1200ft.

New Coire Pollach Tow doing it's thing late afternoon.

The Wall is in good shape and there's a fantastic run right down Happy Valley to the bottom of the Wall, great surface conditions.

Looking out across Etive Glades as the light starts to fade Sunday afternoon.

Top of the Main Basin T-bar.

Looking up Ski Tow Gully

Cliffhanger Chair looking over to the Wall.

The middle fork of Old Mugs Alley to the Plateau Cafe is the best one to use to return to the Cliffhanger Chair.

Old Mugs Alley is riding nicely for snow plough turners upwards on the Plateau off the new Coire Pollach Tow.

Good snow, though still thin areas on the Plateau Poma runs.

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A busy day at Glencoe for the FIS World Snow Day, but despite full carparks queues were for the most part small as there were lots of people up for World Snow Day events and not skiing/boarding.

Only on a couple of occasions did the Main Basin T-bar queue get fairly hefty, but as people spread out queues were modest. Surface conditions were great, but the cover is thin away from the limited established base particularly mid-mountain, which needs more snow with heavy drifting.

Mugs Alley from the Cliffhanger Chair is only suitable for more experienced skiers and boarders at the moment, but for them the Wall is in much better condition and was probably the pick on Sunday. For snow plough turners Old Mugs Alley from the new Coire Pollach Tow is great.

The Main Basin and Happy Valley are skiing nicely, but quite narrow and the Main Basin is a lot more undulating than we've become accustomed to the last couple of years, which when the visibility is OK makes it actually quite fun. The Haggis Trap is being used, but it's pretty ferocious and can be bypassed through either Ski Tow Gully or Happy Valley.
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