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The Lecht // Friday 31st October 2008
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The Buzzard appears through a morning snow shower.

One of the numerous sunny spells highlights the fresh tracks by the Grouse.

Snowy Owl Chair with Buzzard behind. Snowy Owl run pick of the day, well pisted and regularly catching a top up with a bit of drifting from the NE/N.

Going up the Grouse Poma, looking back to the Carpark.

View across the Grouse and Osprey area to the Eagle Pomas beyond from the Chairlift.

Rail below the Snowy Owl Chair. Plenty scope to lay fresh lines outwith the fences, but beware of thin areas.

A boarder about to set off down skier's right option on the Grouse. Unpisted skier packed snow on this side of the Poma, but was bashed out late in the Day.

A good summary of the day, sunny spells and some blustery snow and hail showers.

Harrier Poma and the Harrier Black run from the A939.

Lecht Base Lodge with a wintry backdrop for the end of October.

Snowy Owl Chair foreground, Falcon and Harrier Pomas distant.

Snowy Owl Chair and Run, plus the freshly prepared Wren beginner run. Magic Carpet opened during the afternoon and should open a the weekend.

Autumnal sunshine beats down on a decidedly Lecht - at the top of the Eagle Poma.

Looking back down the Eagle Poma, all three runs good cover, between the Pomas best for laying out some short turns.

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Only four months have past since the last photos were posted from the mid-summer slide on CairnGorm Mountain on 21st June and here we are still in October and the 2009 Scottish Season is underway.

Sunny spells between the snow showers gave for some fantastic blue sky riding one minute, then a covering of fresh the next as another blustery snow shower came through. All in all giving a fantastic opening day at the Lecht with good cover on the open runs and great surface conditions. The pisted runs came up beautifully for those first leg warming turns of the season and with a fantastic forecast, Saturday should be even better (though minus the kudos of getting that October slide).

All the open runs have a good cover between the fences and if you stick to the runs thin areas were few and far between. No problem linking between the open lifts as all link options are skiable. Grouse, Eagle, Snowy Owl, the Magic Carpet and if required the Wren will run Saturday. Other runs were continuing to slowly fill and the Buzzard looks there or there abouts. Both carparks were cleared by afternoon for the weekend.

Photos by Winterhighland. If you have been out please post a public report or send your photos to pix2009@winterhighland.info .
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