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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 28th March 2009
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Burnside has a thin cover of new snow, skiable with care, best to take top bridge above Daylodge across burn.

The Fiacaill Traverse has big drifts and there is a complete run via the fenced Fiacaill Run and Zig Zags, link onto the Zig Zags is a bit ropey.

Looking down the White Lady, good accumulations of windblown snow in the burn course, icy patches away from the burn gully.

Skier heads under the Funicular onto the White Lady proper from the M1 SideTrack which also saw some action. A few brave souls ventured onto the East Lady

Looking down the Ciste Bowl or was it up, or over to the Ptarmigan Tow?

Skier on the Ciste Tow, lot of drifting into the fences. Fairway full width and excellent cover of machine packed powder.

Ice Station Zebra, foot of the Ciste T-bar on Saturday.

Looking up the White Lady from below the cross slope fencing by the mid-station.

Second leg of the Zig Zags and Fiacaill Crossover from the 105, looking over the Gunbarrel. Zig Zags much improved, top two legs good cover.

Boarder on the 105 just above the Gunbarrel merge, all routes from here to foot of the Cas available, excellent pisted dry fresh snow.

Looking over Coire Cas from high on the 105, quite a bit of the boulder field skier left of the up-line filled with moderate unpisted fresh.

Horizon Road link from the M1 RaceTrack to the 105, the M1 has a lot of drifts and was reported do-able but tricky, might be enough drifts to bash a line down the fences.

105 has loaded up and was offering sweet dry machine groomed snow.

Lots of drifts built up by the fence on the M1 RaceTrack, hopefully enough to bash out the drifts.

With wind from a Northerly quarter the Traverse caught huge drifts, these have been bashed out to give a fence deep or more Motorway standard Traverse.

Squally snow shower about to engulf the Top Station and those just unloaded off the Funicular.

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After briefly brightening up early afternoon light snow showers returned during the afternoon, and as this report is typed the snow is a bit heavier again with big fat flakes falling steadily at the SSC Hut.

There has been 6 to 8 inches fresh snow since this time yesterday, possibly more but with significant drifting. Top to Daylodge riding is possible once again, the Carpark Run is passable with care but is thin and unpisted, but it was possible to ski to the back of the Base Station on Saturday and use the Funicular to gain the full vertical in one lift.

The Ciste Tow opened in the afternoon and the Top Basin Runs are in fantastic shape with a good wide cover of new snow on a decent base. Pisted packed powder on the Fairway and unpisted windblown fresh in the Ciste Bowl. Ptarmigan Bowl will is wide.

Cas side middle runs have all caught more snow, the Traverse is loaded up to Motorway Standard and the 105 and Cas are all in good shape. The Zig Zags are much improved for avoiding the Cas Gunbarrel.

For experts the White Lady is complete again via the Skirt to the Mid Station with last nights drifting having filled in the gaps, it is quite narrow in places but good sport down the burn course where the windblown fresh has accumulated. Out of the burn gully it's a bit dust on crust away from the fence in a couple of places giving some icy patches, but easily avoidable.

The M1 is very heavily drifted, walls of snow in places but it did see some action and is reportedly doable out to the Gunbarrel via Horizon Road.

For a longer blue the Fiacaill Traverse is complete, but big drifts. The fenced Fiacaill Run is narrow in bits and care is required dropping onto the Zig Zags.

Finally the East Lady has seen some action, and there are some do-able looking lines, but one for the boarders probably to get just enough float to stay above the inevitable rocks that go with a boulder field!

Chucking it down just now, few hours of this would be good this evening. Light winds and generally fine start to Sunday, get up early to get the best of the day though. Ptarmigan, M1 Poma, Trainer Tow and WWP (loading adjacent to the top Chairlift station) should join the action during Sunday.

Photos by Winterhighland. More in the Public Reports, including some better visibility in the Top Basin!
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